My Rapid Descent into Pokemon Trading Card Game Madness

I remember the start of my Pokemon Trading Card Game journey like it was yesterday. Because it was basically yesterday. Starting with just a set of two pre-made decks, we discovered that we really enjoyed the game and wanted to explore the scene further.

In a matter of days, I may have floored the gas pedal.

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What I Learned From Playing the Pokemon Trading Card Game for the First Time

More than 20 years after its original release, I finally tried my at the Pokemon Trading Card Game. Together with my wife, we bought a starter set and engaged in battle. Here’s what I’ve learned after finally crossing this experience off of my bucket list!

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KEEP COLLECTING AMIIBO! Why it’s still worth getting these Nintendo figurines!

The Amiibo hype train certainly isn’t what it used to be. Even so, that hasn’t stopped me from building my collection! Everyone’s reasons are different, but I thought I’d share my rationale for collecting Amiibo figures to this day!

This video was so fun to make! Spent way too long capturing slo-mo clips; most of which didn’t make it into the final cut. Will be sharing a lot of these slo-mo clips separately on social media!

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Video Games as a Coping Mechanism

What started out as a retro game show-and-tell takes a turn when we begin talking about how we used video games in the past as an unhealthy means of dealing with stress, depression, and anxiety. Video games can be a positive coping mechanism, but in these particular cases, they weren’t. We then talk about our career anxieties today.

It’s a topic I’ve touched on before, but it was a very therapeutic chat with Muligoon. If you’re going through anything, please know that you’re not alone. There are people out there willing to help, whether it’s family, friends, or medical professionals. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help!

Retro Game Collecting in the Margins

Inspired by reclaiming a bunch of my old retro games from my parents’ house, I decided to dip my toe back into the world of retro game collecting. While I never had any motivations to build a massive library filled with complete collections of games, I did have a very specific criteria in mind so that I don’t fall down the rabbit hole. So far, the process of collecting has moved rather slowly.

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Thinking Through My Approach to Retro Game Collecting Going Forward

Save for a brief moment in time when video game collecting was a coping mechanism for the harsh realities of adulthood, video game collecting has been more of a side-effect of being a gaming enthusiast. I bought what I wanted and didn’t really let stuff go. After moving into a house and getting a bunch of my brother and I’s Nintendo 64 and Gamecube stuff, I’m currently sitting on a pretty decent collection that looks really cool in my display units.

Now that I have all of this stuff back in my possession and a gaming setup that can capture and stream these old games, it has the gears in my head turning. What if I could build on this even further? What if I could make this the gaming collection of my dreams? Before I potentially veer deep into the game collecting rabbit hole, here are some of my thoughts before making the jump.

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The Curious Case of the Out of Print Legendary: Fantastic 4 Expansion

Legendary: Fantastic 4

[UPDATE: The Fantastic 4 expansion is coming back into print!]

Over the holidays, my friend and fellow Marvel Legendary fan Jamaal brought it to my attention that the Fantastic 4 expansion was no longer in print. Admittedly, I haven’t been keeping my fingers to the pulse of this game of late, but its been out of retail for over a year now. While I was lucky enough to get my copy for retail price, Jamaal isn’t as fortunate. When it appears on eBay, the asking price for this $20 expansion is usually in the hundreds.

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The Amiibo Collecting Struggle is Real

Amiibo Princess Zelda PitCollecting is a choice, not a right. When people get upset about the challenges that come with collecting Amiibos – myself included – it’s important to remember that. However, I do find the act of trying to buy Amiibos in this current marketplace to be particularly difficult and somewhat unreasonable.

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