Opening the Pokemon TCG Champion’s Path Marnie Premium Collection

Champion’s Path is a premium set of Pokemon cards that only be obtained through special collector’s sets or Elite Trainer Boxes. Unfortunately, there are no official options for buying the booster packs separately. In exchange, this set has some highly sought after cards, such as the elusive Shiny Charizard V.

Though I was originally planning on buying the cheaper Dubwool set just to get a taste, a miscommunication between Steff and I let to me going big with the Marnie set. Was the splurge worth it?

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How Much Would it Cost Me to Complete One of My Pokemon TGC Sets?

Pokemon cards are generally released in sets. Sizes can vary wildly, but major sets are usually comprised of 150-to-200 cards. How much would it cost me to complete one?

For the purposes of this discussion, let’s focus on the Battle Styles set. It contains a total of 183 cards. 142 of these cards are functionally unique, while 41 are functional duplicates with unique visual treatments, such as alternate art, rainbow rares, and golden rares.

Not including duplicates, I currently have 95 cards within the Battle Styles set. How much did it cost me to get here? And how much more would it cost me to complete the set?

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Pulling One of the Most Sought-After Pokemon Cards

It doesn’t matter how bad the odds actually are, but every time someone opens a pack of Pokemon cards, the dream of landing the big one persists.

Steff and I have opened a few dozen at this point. We’ve landed a few V and VMax cards, along with a weirdly-valuable full-art Pokemon Center Lady card. But landing a big one? We never thought we’d ever be that lucky.


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Video Games as a Coping Mechanism

What started out as a retro game show-and-tell takes a turn when we begin talking about how we used video games in the past as an unhealthy means of dealing with stress, depression, and anxiety. Video games can be a positive coping mechanism, but in these particular cases, they weren’t. We then talk about our career anxieties today.

It’s a topic I’ve touched on before, but it was a very therapeutic chat with Muligoon. If you’re going through anything, please know that you’re not alone. There are people out there willing to help, whether it’s family, friends, or medical professionals. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help!

Collection Shaming

A while back, The Dice Tower put out a video of Jason Levine’s board game collection. Featuring thousands of board games, it might actually prove to be the largest personal board game collection in the world. While the video received a lot of praise, it also received criticism from those who took offense to him having a large stash of board games. It reminded me of a similar backlash that video game YouTuber 8-Bit Eric received for posting a video of his Nintendo Switch game collection. I get the sense that if I were to seek out people showing off their collections of anything, there’s going to be hate.

My big question is, “Why?”

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Check Out My Gaming Library


For the past decade or so, I’ve maintained an Excel file that lists every video game I own. While it works fine for personal purposes, I’ve wanted to do more with it for a while now. Recently, through some quick Google searching, I found this cool site called Darkadia that provides a cool way to display my collection online while providing a number of practical ways to sort them.

If you’d like, head over to my Darkadia profile and check out the hundreds of games I own or have played throughout my lifetime. Over time, I’ll be fleshing it out with more games and more detailed entries. Besides this post, you’ll find a direct link to my profile right up on the main navigation.

I really like Darkadia so far. It was very quick to set up, has a lot of features I like and am looking forward to what’s on the road map for the future. At this point, the site is free, though a paid version with more features is on the way. I’d actually consider the paid version if the price is right for the upgrades. If you like what you see of mine, consider making your own through Darkadia!

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