Pulling One of the Most Sought-After Pokemon Cards

It doesn’t matter how bad the odds actually are, but every time someone opens a pack of Pokemon cards, the dream of landing the big one persists.

Steff and I have opened a few dozen at this point. We’ve landed a few V and VMax cards, along with a weirdly-valuable full-art Pokemon Center Lady card. But landing a big one? We never thought we’d ever be that lucky.


During a trip to the mall, we made a stop at the local game store. They had a surprisingly solid collection of Pokemon TGC products, from collector sets to booster boxes. This Pikachu Shining Fates set caught my eye, as the booster packs within are only available in box sets like these. The Pikachu one was the cheapest point-of-entry into the set. Also didn’t hurt that it came with a Pikachu V card; perfect for evolving into the CHONKY rainbow Pikachu.

Opening the box, I laid the four booster packs on our coffee table. Each time Steff and I open multiple packs at once, we split them down the middle to see who ends up with the best haul. Opening up my first pack, I was disappointed that the rare card was a Volcanion card from the Blastoise V Battle deck.

Steff then goes through her first of two booster packs. But something odd happened when we got to the second last card. This card should normally be a holo, but the art peeking from behind the card suggested that it was some sort of Victory card. With both of us confused, Steff revealed what was peeking below…


I literally shot back into the couch as I gasped for air. This isn’t just any Charizard. This is the shiny holo rare Charizard! One of the most sought-after cards in modern times that’s worth quite a bit, Steff was holding it in her hand.

And we still had one more card to go! What could it be?

It’s a secret rare rainbow Alcremie VMax! A great card in its own right, but HOLY COW WE GOT THE HOT CHARIZARD CARD!

Thankfully, I had also bought top loaders at the game store to protect some of the other cards we’ve collected thus far. Charizard was first to get protected. Someday we hope to get this one officially graded and protected in a slab.

For now, the new crown jewel of our Pokemon card collection resides in a stack of top loaders with some of our other great cards. Still absolutely stunned that this happened to us! Steff has even said that she’s retired, as there’s no way she’d ever top that pull.

Despite my increased focus on the cards within the context of actually using them to play the game, the rush that came with pulling that Charizard card was insane! It’ll be a nice showpiece for us going forward and maybe we’ll sell it for enough money to buy a mansion? Wishful thinking perhaps, but so was the idea of pulling a chase card of this caliber.

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