Opening the Pokemon TCG Champion’s Path Marnie Premium Collection

Champion’s Path is a premium set of Pokemon cards that only be obtained through special collector’s sets or Elite Trainer Boxes. Unfortunately, there are no official options for buying the booster packs separately. In exchange, this set has some highly sought after cards, such as the elusive Shiny Charizard V.

Though I was originally planning on buying the cheaper Dubwool set just to get a taste, a miscommunication between Steff and I let to me going big with the Marnie set. Was the splurge worth it?

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How Much Would it Cost Me to Complete One of My Pokemon TGC Sets?

Pokemon cards are generally released in sets. Sizes can vary wildly, but major sets are usually comprised of 150-to-200 cards. How much would it cost me to complete one?

For the purposes of this discussion, let’s focus on the Battle Styles set. It contains a total of 183 cards. 142 of these cards are functionally unique, while 41 are functional duplicates with unique visual treatments, such as alternate art, rainbow rares, and golden rares.

Not including duplicates, I currently have 95 cards within the Battle Styles set. How much did it cost me to get here? And how much more would it cost me to complete the set?

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Yoshi’s Crafted World and Completing Everything a Game Has to Offer

In less than a week, I completed the main story found within Yoshi’s Crafted World. Immediately after, I made plans to loan my copy to my brother. Until I get the chance to give it to him, I’ve been running through all of the flip side levels while trying to collect enough flower to unlock the post-game content. This is a bit unusual for me, as I’m generally not the type of gamer that cares all that much for experiencing every last bit of content a game has to offer.

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Tetris Effect – Journey Mode – Complete Expert Playthrough No Deaths

What might be my single greatest accomplishment in streaming, I completed Tetris Effect‘s main campaign on the hardest difficulty without dying once! My scores towards the end weren’t great, but I’m proud of myself for completing a clean run of the game!

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Finally Catching Them All* in Pokemon Go

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…like no one ever was…. #pokemongo

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Three months, over 700km and countless adventures later, my North American Pokemon Go Pokedex is complete! There is no in-game reward for hitting that accomplishment, but it’s certainly one I’ll cherish. Considering the level of commitment and real-life travel required to pull this off, it’s up there as one of my biggest gaming accomplishments.

With no trips planned to Europe, Japan or Australia, I probably won’t get a Farfetch’d, Kangaskhan or Mr. Mime anytime soon. However, I’m ready to snag the legendary pokemon when they ultimately arrive, as well as continue to level up my pokemon squad. Despite having caught them all, there’s still more for me to do!

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