Allow Your Twitch Viewers to Make and Display Their Own Achievement Notifications Through LioranBoard

Players love unlocking achievements in games. But what if you had achievements that rewarded you for in-stream events? What if your chat could reward you for finally beating a boss after 100 tries, or taking a sip of water, or managing to not swear for five minutes? It’s possible!

With the power of LioranBoard, you can give your viewers control over your own achievement system! Viewers can type in their own achievements and then display them on screen. Here’s how to build an achievement system of your own!

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Yoshi’s Crafted World and Completing Everything a Game Has to Offer

In less than a week, I completed the main story found within Yoshi’s Crafted World. Immediately after, I made plans to loan my copy to my brother. Until I get the chance to give it to him, I’ve been running through all of the flip side levels while trying to collect enough flower to unlock the post-game content. This is a bit unusual for me, as I’m generally not the type of gamer that cares all that much for experiencing every last bit of content a game has to offer.

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Making It Another Blockbuster Night

Yesterday, while on my way to my girlfriend’s house, I passed by another Blockbuster. Having pillaged every Blockbuster in my city, I decided to check out the Blockbuster close to her house to see if I can find some gems in their clearance bin. While their selection had no shortage of old sports games, generic shooters and crappy movie-based games, I did pick up some stuff and there were other games worth noting.

Hit the break to see what I found.

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Achievement Junkie

When the XBOX 360 launched in 2005, nobody expected the runaway success of the platform’s achievement system. The advent of platform-wide rewards across games has really changed the way many consume them. Ever since the 360 implemented it, equivalent systems have been put in place for the PS3, WoW, Steam and within certain Wii titles, just to name a few.

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