Allow Your Twitch Viewers to Make and Display Their Own Achievement Notifications Through LioranBoard

Players love unlocking achievements in games. But what if you had achievements that rewarded you for in-stream events? What if your chat could reward you for finally beating a boss after 100 tries, or taking a sip of water, or managing to not swear for five minutes? It’s possible!

With the power of LioranBoard, you can give your viewers control over your own achievement system! Viewers can type in their own achievements and then display them on screen. Here’s how to build an achievement system of your own!

[Credit to mrjordilicious for coming up with this cool effect]

1. Install LioranBoard into your OBS. Won’t go into detail on how to do that here, but you can follow my instructions on this particular post. Should also note right now that this solution only works for OBS and not Streamlabs OBS. Sorry!

2. Design an achievement graphic. You can do this in any photo editing or illustrating app; even MS Paint. Whatever you design, make sure to leave room for where the achievement description text will go. The “Achievement Unlocked” message will most likely get baked into the graphic itself, but you want the actual description to be written by viewers. You’ll add a place for that text in OBS later.

For an extra level of production polish, animate the graphic in a video editor. If you’ve never done video animations before, this is a great little project to start with!

Make sure to export the file as a transparent video. If you’re using software that doesn’t export transparent videos, you can add a neon green background to your video and chroma key out the extra colour in OBS. I use Davinci Resolve, which is a very powerful (and free) video editor. However, it doesn’t export into webm or other transparent video file formats. I got around this by adding a full-screen neon green background to my animation and then using chroma key in OBS to remove the green.

Also worth noting here that if you’re going to do this as a video, add the sound in the video file itself. That way, you don’t have to trigger the video and audio separately. So in short, do step 3 at the same time as step 2.

3. Find a chime or audio cue to use when the achievement is unlocked. Would strongly recommend against any sounds that could get you a DMCA, such as songs from major recording artists. I use the sound from the voice changing app I purchased, but there are no shortage of places where you can find or purchase one.

4. Now let’s go to OBS. Create a new scene that will only contain your achievement notification.

5. Add your achievement graphic and chime as sources in your achievement scene. If you have to chroma key out the green background in your video, do that now. Right click on your source and select “Filters”. Then click on the plus sign and select “Chroma Key”.

6. Add a new text source. I labeled mine “Achievement Text”, but feel free to call it whatever you want. Just make sure you know what it’s called when we get to LioranBoard. Place it higher on the source list than your achievement graphic so that the text will appear overtop.

7. Double click the text source and check off “Use Custom Text Extents”. This forces the text box to stay the same size, preventing wordy captions from spilling over. Use the width and height variables to set the exact text box size and choose whether you want text to wrap or not.

8. Now we go to LioranBoard Receiver. If you don’t already have a deck set up yet, set one up now.

9. Inside your deck, add a new button. You can call it “Achievement” or whatever you’d like.

10. Right click on the new button and select “Edit Commands”.

10. Add a new command “Math: Trigger Pull”. This command will pull the user’s chat message to be later used as the achievement text. For Value Name, call it “message” or whatever you want. Set Pull Value to 2, which pulls the chat message. Set “Turn to Real” to “false”.

[FYI: Setting Pull Value to 0 will pull the name of the person triggering the command. What fun ideas could you create by being able to pull names?]

11. Add a new command “Text GDI+ Text Change”. For source, select the name of your achievement text source in OBS. For the Text field, type in /$message$/. If you didn’t use the word “message”, replace it with whatever you named the variable.

12. Add commands to start and stop the visual and/or chime. This can be done by adding the command “Source Change Visibility”. The exact order and timing is going to vary based on how you designed your achievement graphic, but the general idea is to make sure to set “Visible” to true when you want the achievement assets to trigger, then duplicate those lines, check them as false, and add a delay value for how long you want the achievement to display before shutting off. Hit “Done” in order to save your changes.

13. From your deck, right click on your achievement button and select “Edit Twitch Triggers”. This is the command that will interface with Twitch. If you want viewers to trigger this effect with Channel Points, click “Point redeems”. That said, you do have the ability to trigger it through other activities, such as bits, subs, raids, and so on.

I used “Point redeems” and called my reward Achievement Unlocked in LioranBoard. Make note of this for the next step. Click “Done” to save your changes. Then click “Done” on the deck to take you back to the main menu. Your changes won’t take into effect until you’re back in the main menu.

13. Go into your Twitch dashboard. Under Channel Points, add a new reward. Under Reward Name, enter “Achievement Unlocked” or whatever you named this Twitch trigger in LioranBoard. This has to be written exactly the same in both places, as the trigger will not work if the spacing or capitalization isn’t exact.

Also, make sure to check off “Require Viewer to Enter Text”. This allows LioranBoard to pull the specific message written by the person who redeemed the reward.

14. Everything should be set up now! In your chat, go and redeem your Achievement Unlocked reward. Type in the caption you want to appear on screen and press “Chat”.

If everything is set up correctly, your achievement will appear! If it does not, follow this guide again step-by-step to see if you missed anything. I know this is one of the more complex rewards to set up and there’s a lot of room for error. Once you get it set up, it will be worth the trouble!

15. One last step! Right now, your achievement is only showing up in a standalone scene. This is where scene nesting comes into play. On every scene you want the achievement to appear, click on the plus sign on the source list of each scene and select “Scene”. Then select your achievement scene.

The beauty of doing it this way is that if you need to make any adjustments to the achievement, you don’t have to make the adjustment across every single scene. You only edit within the standalone achievement scene and the change is reflected across the entire stream.

There you have it! This is one of the coolest Channel Point rewards I’ve seen yet. Even if other streamers use framework, the ability for your chat to add their own messages gives this reward so much room for creative applications. Thus far, my community has done some amazing and hilarious stuff with it. What will yours do when you set this up?

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3 thoughts on “Allow Your Twitch Viewers to Make and Display Their Own Achievement Notifications Through LioranBoard

  1. Peter Fisher July 5, 2021 / 3:02 PM

    Hey dude, I love the idea of chat having the chance to use the poke flute and that it’s at a low chance percentage which encourages the competition your stream seems to have, are you able to guide to where I can obtain the poke flute system at all?

    Thanks again and hope to hear from you soon.

    • Jett July 5, 2021 / 3:16 PM

      Thanks for your inquiry!

      I built the Poke Flute using Lioranboard and custom video animations built by a friend. You can build your own version too! There are other Lioranboard-like tools out there that can probably achieve a similar effect if you’re more comfortable with something like TriggerFyre. Lioranboard is not the most user-friendly, but it certainly gives streamers the most control that I’ve seen in this space.

      (I really should make a proper tutorial for this someday).

      Some things to help you on your journey:

      1. Set up Lioranboard or whatever software you’re using to allow users to control the stream. You can use my guide as a starting point for setting it up.

      2. Watch this video from NeverWho on how to create a randomizer within Lioranboard.

      3. The trick is to set disproportionate odds. Whether you’re using Lioranboard or another stream control interface, the random function will choose from a set of actions. What I did was instead of having the randomizer choose between 50 different memes, my randomizer has 49 of the same regular Snorlax and 1 shiny Snorlax to increase the rarity.

      Best of luck in whatever you plan on doing with the tech!

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