I Adopted a Trio of Pokemon! Game Room Decor Patch Notes: January 2020 Edition

With 2020 officially upon us, now is a great time to start fresh! We have a bunch of new items making their debut in the game room, including three new Pokemon plushies, art from Paris, the debut issue of a popular X-Men hero, and more!

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Watch Every Season 1 Episode of Board Game Talk Right Here

Season 1 of Board Game Talk is in the books! For those of you who took a few minutes to watch the show, thank you. Truly appreciate your time and support. If you haven’t had a chance to watch it, fear not. You can watch the whole season right here in the YouTube playlist above.

More episodes will be on the way. Not exactly sure when they’ll go live, but they will when I have enough material to post across consecutive weeks. It’s been quite the learning process and I hope you can see the improvement throughout the season. Things should only get better with time.

Let me know what you think of the show in the comments! Your feedback can help make this show even better in the future. Until season 2 drops at a later date, enjoy season one!

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Board Game Talk: 3 Awesome Board Games for Newcomers

If you’re just getting into board gaming or are looking for the perfect entry-level game for your friends to enjoy, here are a few recommendations!

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Introducing Board Games to Non-Gamers

One of my favourite things to do as it pertains to board games is to introduce newcomers to the hobby. With the way the scene has grown in terms of gameplay innovation and variety, I feel like everyone can enjoy what board games are today on some level. From coworkers, to kids, to those who read this website, to even my mom, it’s been cool to be a part of someone discovering how fun modern games can be.

Based on my experiences as a “board game guru” and as a former non-gamer, I’ve picked up a thing or two on how to introduce board games in the best light. I’m not promising that this will help you turn a non-gamer into a super fan, but it can help bridge the gap.

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King of New York Review

Richard Garfield’s King of Tokyo took the world by storm with its action-packed twist on the Yahtzee-style of dice game. I continue to enjoy it as a fast and simple game that I can play with a casual audience, though it was never a great choice if you were in the mood for something with more strategic depth. This concern was partially addressed with the Power Up and Halloween expansions, though King of New York is Garfield and Iello’s first attempt at making a hardcore version of King of Tokyo. Is this sequel able to add some teeth to the original without losing the accessibility and fast pace that defined the original?

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King of Tokyo: Power Up Review

King of Tokyo is spectacular at being an accessible and strategically-light dice game that virtually anyone can play and enjoy. However, that focus on casual play makes it a tougher sell for seasoned gamers looking for something deeper. King of Tokyo: Power Up aims to address that with a set of new cards that change how the game is played. Also, it comes with a Kung-Fu panda, and who doesn’t like pandas?

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Board Games and the Two-Player Misnomer

Every board game has a limit in terms of how many players it supports. At a certain point, a game isn’t going to work at all if there are too many or not enough players present. Player count isn’t a binary thing either, as games oftentimes degrade to a certain degree before they completely fall apart. Over the last few years, many of the games I’ve played struggle with supporting two players. I’m fine with games that don’t work well in pairs, though I find it alarming and disingenuous how many games in the marketplace claim that they support two players when they really shouldn’t.

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Board Game Night Playlist: Family Game Night

Up until this very moment, I never really thought about all of the different meanings that “family game night” can entail. There’s a difference between parents playing board games with their young children versus adults playing board games with their even older parents, which is where I’m at now. The definition can vary even further, as there are a seemingly endless number of family configurations out there.

Trying to approach a family game night to fit every family configuration is a lost cause. However, coming up with one is a bit easier if you’re looking for games that are fun for all ages that don’t have any sort of objectionable content within them. Hopefully this isn’t too late for the holiday season. Here’s my Board Game Night Playlist that may work wonders for your next family game night!

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King of Tokyo Review

King of Tokyo puts you and your friends in shoes (paws?) of giant monsters that are battling for supremacy. Though they don’t share the names of the most iconic kaiju in popular culture, it’s not hard to see who Godzilla and King Kong are among others. Your weapons of destruction are energy cubes, cards and dice. Lots of dice. Only one will remain when the smoke clears, but is this a battle worth fighting for?

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King of Tokyo and Coup Added to the List of Awesome Board Games You Should Play

Both King of Tokyo and Coup share the basic concept of power struggle between them, but they go about them very differently. One involves dice and and the other one makes heavy use of bluffing as a mechanic. Both are a lot of fun and work well at parties. Check out the full list here!