Choose Your Own Adventure: House of Danger Review

(NOTE: Received this game as a gift from Kris and Rachel over at Double Jump. Thank you!)

House of Danger takes the idea of the choose your own adventure book and translates it to a tabletop game. How well does the idea translate across mediums?

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Sagrada on Nintendo Switch Review

Inspired by the famous stained-glass windows of Sagrada Familia, the Sagrada dice game challenges players to create masterpiece stained-glass windows worthy of this basilica. With this being an adaptation of the hit tabletop game, does it do enough to inspire newcomers and experienced players to grab it on the Nintendo Switch?

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Take ’em to Church! – Sagrada Live Stream

Sagrada on the Nintendo Switch is an adaptation of the hit dice game. Take a look at what makes this game special in digital or physical form!

View the full post to see the full stream, highlights, and shoutouts!

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Blueprints Review

Put on your construction hat, cause it’s time to build! Blueprints is a game that combines dice, cards, and drafting in a clever game about creating buildings while attempting to prove your worth as the best architect around. Does this game have what it takes to inspire you to build to the top?

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Bottom of the 9th Review

The tension in the stadium is palpable. It’s the end of the game and the score is tied between the scrappy underdogs at bat and the powerhouse squad on defense. If the underdogs can’t score now, their opposition will surely beat them in extra innings. This is the scenario you and one other player will face in Bottom of the 9th. Do you have what it takes to score the winning run or record the final out?

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Roll For It Review

Roll For It is almost as simple as it can get for a dice game. Rolling six dice, players attempt to create certain combinations to earn points. The first to earn 40 points wins. While there’s not much to the concept, it serves its purpose as a fast and family-weight dice game.

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Machi Koro Review

Machi Koro by IDW Games puts 2-4 players in the shoes of the city’s new mayor. To prove your worth to the citizens of your city, you’ll build a plethora of new shops, businesses and parks as a means of raising money to ultimately fund the creation of four major landmarks. The first player to successfully build all four landmarks is declared the winner.

We’ve had this game in our collection for quite some time, though I’ve failed to put words to it until now. It’s one of Steff’s favourite games, but it’s also one I managed to ruin. What the heck happened?

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King of New York Review

Richard Garfield’s King of Tokyo took the world by storm with its action-packed twist on the Yahtzee-style of dice game. I continue to enjoy it as a fast and simple game that I can play with a casual audience, though it was never a great choice if you were in the mood for something with more strategic depth. This concern was partially addressed with the Power Up and Halloween expansions, though King of New York is Garfield and Iello’s first attempt at making a hardcore version of King of Tokyo. Is this sequel able to add some teeth to the original without losing the accessibility and fast pace that defined the original?

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Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers vs. X-Men Review

The 2012 comic book battle between Avengers and X-Men rages on in Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers vs. X-Men. In this two-player collectible dice and card game, players act as masterminds, recruiting an assortment of Marvel’s finest characters to fight on their side. The player who is able to deplete all of their opponent’s health wins.

With the starter set only costing $15 (if you can find it at retail price, as the game is currently in short supply) and booster packs coming in at a measly $1 for two cards and two dice, this game is aggressively priced to sell. While price alone makes this a tantalizing offer, it’s also aided by the fact that the game is pretty good.

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Bang!: The Dice Game Review

Released in 2002, the original Bang! was a card game that put you in the thick of a wild western shootout. Players take turns shooting at each other, though hidden roles made it so that you weren’t sure if you were shooting at friends or foes. After the dust has settled, the winner or winning side would be determined based on whoever was left standing. While Bang! was beloved by many who played it, the game was also criticized for taking too long to complete. Over a decade later, the solution to that problem arrives in the form of Bang!: The Dice Game. This re-imagining of the card game captures the thrills of the original in 15-20 minutes.

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