Board Game Talk: Bang! The Dice Game

This time, we go to the Wild West to partake in a wild gunfight. Do you have lucky hand with dice and the ability to spot a traitor in your midst? Learn more with this weeks’ video covering Bang! The Dice Game.

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Bang!: The Dice Game Review

Released in 2002, the original Bang! was a card game that put you in the thick of a wild western shootout. Players take turns shooting at each other, though hidden roles made it so that you weren’t sure if you were shooting at friends or foes. After the dust has settled, the winner or winning side would be determined based on whoever was left standing. While Bang! was beloved by many who played it, the game was also criticized for taking too long to complete. Over a decade later, the solution to that problem arrives in the form of Bang!: The Dice Game. This re-imagining of the card game captures the thrills of the original in 15-20 minutes.

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