How to Do Flight Combos in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

One of the coolest aspects of the Marvel vs. Capcom series is the concept of flight combos. Soaring through the skies while repeatedly smacking a hapless foe is always a sight to behold. It’s also one of the hardest concepts to master in these games. During my time with Marvel vs. Capcom 3, I struggled mightily to pull them off in training mode, and almost never attempted them in-match unless I was really in the zone.

With the switch to Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, I found myself in a position where I really wanted to play as Ultron, but was intimidated at the prospect of having to learn flight combos in order to score optimal damage. Well, after a few weeks of practice, and after scouring the internet for help, I think I have it down.

Here’s some resources and tips that could help you master the game’s coolest and most damaging combos!

My journey began here with this video from Rooflemonger. I’m a big fan of his training videos and actually got to meet him last year at the WorldGaming Regional Finals. This one helped me get the Ultron combo down, as well as wrap my head around some of the underlying concepts for how flight combos work. I would start your flight combo vision quest here.

While he shows off one flight combo for each character, there are a lot of different variations and possibilities available to you. Without having to watch an endless number of combo videos to know what works and what doesn’t, it would help you greatly to understand the structure of a flight combo so that you can innovate on your own:

1. The launch

To start a flight combo, you need to cause your opponent to go airborne. In the example above, Ultron performs a basic Magic Series ground combo, followed by a crouching heavy punch launcher. In most cases, your launcher is going to be your safest bet. That said, certain characters have other means of getting their opponents airborne for the purposes of flight combos. For example, Captain Marvel relies heavily on her Blitz Blow to start the process. The key here is to knock them up in the air in order to start the process.

2. Take to the skies

Whether you’re jumping in the air after a launcher, or are already in the air, you need to make contact with your opponent. Generally, the last hit of this opening salvo is a jumping heavy punch. In the above example, Ultron performs a jumping heavy punch, which is then dash cancelled forward, followed by another heavy punch. Whatever the combo is, the final hit needs to be flight cancellable (see the next step).

3. Flight Cancel

On the final hit of your opening air combo, which is most likely jumping heavy punch, cancel the heavy punch into flight. By using heavy punch, it gives you enough time to perform the flight maneuver and follow up with another attack. In the example above, you can see Ultron hop upwards right after the heavy punch, which is him transitioning into flight mode.

4. Keep them steady

Right after shifting into flight, Ultron performs a light punch, followed by a heavy punch. You do these two hits in order to regain positioning, as your opponent will have slipped a bit during the time you took to fly. Whichever attacks you use to reset their positioning, you’ll need to do some sort of attack to get them back in place. I find this to be the hardest step, as the timing between your flight and the light punch is really tight. With practice, you should be able to hit it consistently.

For the Ultron example specifically, I’m not comfortable comboing light punch into heavy punch in this sequence. Instead, I use light punch, light kick, heavy punch. It minimizes your damage output, but it makes it easier for me to complete the sequence.

5. Smack and dash

The final step is the coolest looking part, and actually the easiest. Once you’ve regained your positioning, you finish the flight combo with a series of attacks and dash cancels. In the above example, Ultron does the following:

j.HP xx dash up left > j.HP xx dash up left > j.HP xx dash up > j. HP xx Fatal Swipe

The trick here is to not switch between hitting one button for heavy punch and two buttons for dash. After the first HP, just hit LP+HP in rhythm. The first time you press the two together, you will get a dash. If you press it fast enough the second time around, the game’s input priority system will count it as just a heavy punch, as your character can’t cancel their dash with another dash. Knowing that, you can just repeatedly hit LP+HP in order to complete the combo.

Shout out to Rooflemonger for doing all of the work. I simply elaborated on all of his stuff. Make sure to check out his channel for more guides and tutorials! Hope this helps you flight cancel with the best of them!

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