Flip City Review

At first glance, Flip City looks like a city building game along the lines of Machi Koro. Both share city building as a backdrop, along with similar art styles and colour palettes. What sets Flip City apart is that it’s not really a city building game at all. In reality, it’s a press your luck game with some deck-building thrown into the mix. However you want to classify it, is this small title worth your time?

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Machi Koro Review

Machi Koro by IDW Games puts 2-4 players in the shoes of the city’s new mayor.┬áTo prove your worth to the citizens of your city, you’ll build a plethora of new shops, businesses and parks as a means of raising money to ultimately fund the creation of four major landmarks. The first player to successfully build all four landmarks is declared the winner.

We’ve had this game in our collection for quite some time, though I’ve failed to put words to it until now. It’s one of Steff’s favourite games, but it’s also one I managed to ruin. What the heck happened?

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