Roll For It Review

Roll For It is almost as simple as it can get for a dice game. Rolling six dice, players attempt to create certain combinations to earn points. The first to earn 40 points wins. While there’s not much to the concept, it serves its purpose as a fast and family-weight dice game.

Each player gets a set of six coloured dice. Placed in the middle are three cards that show different dice combinations and corresponding point values. On your turn, you’ll roll your dice and map any matching dice to any combination of cards on the board. In future turns, you’ll roll your remaining dice until you choose to take them all back or you successfully obtain a card by completing the combination.

Roll For ItMuch of the game is luck based, though the ability to bank dice onto a specific card definitely makes the scoring process a bit easier. That said, you’re going to have to know when to make a run at certain cards or bail out on others. While scoring 15 points of a full set of sixes sounds great, completing that set is really hard and might not be worth it in the long run.

One of the more interesting features of the game is that it comes in two different versions: red and purple. They’re the same game, save for some cosmetic changes. If you combine the two, you play this game with up to eight players. However, this also doubles the play time from 20 minutes to upwards of 40. Having the option is great, though I don’t think the gameplay is going to hold up for a game that long.

Roll For It isn’t going to blow anyone’s mind, but it completes its purpose of being a light-weight dice game for the whole family. Anyone can learn this game in seconds and have a good time with it through to completion. Also, at its very low price point, this one isn’t hard to justify picking up.

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