Board Game Night Playlist: Call My Bluff

Am I bluffing? Most of the time, if I am, it’s pretty obvious. I suffer from a crippling inability to bluff.¬†In most cases, being hard-wired to be honest is a great thing. Unfortunately, it puts me at a real disadvantage in games where bluffing is key.

This edition of the Board Game Night Playlist is the equivalent of my board gaming Kryptonite. These games are certainly fun, though my inability to bluff puts me at a huge disadvantage in all of them. Still, bluffing is a very popular board gaming mechanic and one that can lead to a hilarious night of tabletop gaming. If you’re in the mood to lie through your teeth, try out this trifecta of bluffing goodness!

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Board Games and the Two-Player Misnomer

Every board game has a limit in terms of how many players it supports. At a certain point, a game isn’t going to work at all if there are too many or not enough players present. Player count isn’t a binary thing either, as games oftentimes degrade to a certain degree before they completely fall apart. Over the last few years, many of the games I’ve played struggle with supporting two players. I’m fine with games that don’t work well in pairs, though I find it alarming and disingenuous how many games in the marketplace claim that they support two players when they really shouldn’t.

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Tokaido and Board Game Scarcity

A few months ago, Steff and I went on a date to Snakes and Lattes, which is Toronto’s premier board game cafe. On that day, a game called Tokaido made a positive impact on us. In it, players trek hike through Japan, making stops along the way to take in the scenery, relax in hot springs, meet cool people and more. The player who has had the most fulfilling trip wins. The game’s charm and interesting strategy mechanics won us over, but we weren’t quite ready to purchase it that day. Months later, we’re ready to buy, but the game has been sold out of at most stores and online retailers ever since. My only options to purchase the game through international retailers and eat the extra shipping costs, or purchase the game at a premium price through a third party seller. I’ve actually seen the game for sale at over double it’s suggested retail price!

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King of Tokyo and Coup Added to the List of Awesome Board Games You Should Play

Both King of Tokyo and Coup share the basic concept of power struggle between them, but they go about them very differently. One involves dice and and the other one makes heavy use of bluffing as a mechanic. Both are a lot of fun and work well at parties. Check out the full list here!