Board Game Talk: Why Board Games are Awesome

Sorry for the rough production quality in this first episode, but it will get better! In this first episode, I explain why I think board games are great!

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Lords of Vegas Added to the List of Awesome Board Games You Should Play

Lords of Vegas
The latest addition to the list of Awesome Board Games You Should Play transports players to a patch of desert in 1940s Las Vegas. In Lords of Vegas, it’s up to you and your friends to populate the area with casinos while battling to become the biggest tycoon The Strip has ever seen. This is one of the hardest games that Steff and I have taken on to-date, but the learning curve is certainly worth it. Players are constantly involved in this mad grab for money and property that requires a lot of strategic thinking, though luck certainly plays a big role as well. Backed by a strong theme and highly engaging gameplay that gives you a number of different paths towards success, Lords of Vegas is a shoo-in for this list.

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King of Tokyo and Coup Added to the List of Awesome Board Games You Should Play

Both King of Tokyo and Coup share the basic concept of power struggle between them, but they go about them very differently. One involves dice and and the other one makes heavy use of bluffing as a mechanic. Both are a lot of fun and work well at parties. Check out the full list here!

2010 Year in Review: Older Games That Rocked My Socks

When it comes to playing video games, the majority of gamers don’t just play whatever is new and hot. Most of us will play some new releases, but we’ll also go back to older games we may have missed for whatever reason. In hindsight, most of the games I played this year were were not originally released in 2010. If I were to make some sort of defining list of the best games of 2010, it would fall well short of representing the year’s best, as I spent much of the year playing older stuff.

Instead, I present to you this list of awesome, older games that I only got to this year. You may have already played this stuff, but if you haven’t, they’re all worth a look.

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