Boss Rush Episode 13

The Boss Rush crew took a detour and played Codenames the last time we got together. This time, we’re back with the latest episode of the show! We cover our experiences with Apex Legends, Anthem, Tetris 99, God of War, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Starlink: Battle for Atlas, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and more! Also, does Jon have what it takes to retain the Boss Rush championship belt by competing in a round of Video Game Pictionary?





Ariana Grande?!


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These Aren’t My Game of the Year, But These 2018 Titles Are Worth Celebrating

Once again, congratulations to Celeste for taking home the prestigious In Third Person Game of the Year award! Though there can only be one winner, there were a number of fantastic games that were “thisclose” from taking the crown. Let’s take a moment to tip our hats to some of my favourite games of 2018!

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My 2018 Game of the Year is…

What criteria do you use when determining your Game of the Year? Is it the game you played the most? The game with the best story? The game you spent hundreds of hours mastering every nuance of? For me, many factors are at play, including those just mentioned. But the one defining thread between all of them is the sense of lingering impact they gave me in the moment and beyond. In many cases, those games still have an active presence in my mind and heart and aren’t going away.

Mass Effect 2 might have had to share the spotlight with Super Street Fighter IV in 2010 when I used semantics to try and give both the nod in their own way, but I still remember the former fondly as being one of the single greatest adventures I ever embarked on in a game, while the latter was a phenomenal fighter that served as a turning point for my fighting game career. Skyrim was the consensus pick in 2011, but I don’t regret honouring Catherine instead. The latter still holds a special place in my heart for its novel gameplay and a mature story about infidelity; a subject almost never covered in games. Overwatch is a fantastic shooter that has made a resurgence in my life in recent months, but in 2016, Pokemon Go was the easy Game of the Year choice for me based on how much the game shifted my in-game and real life. I don’t write about the game much now, but I still play Pokemon Go every day with a fervour to catch ’em all.

In 2018, there were a number of games that excelled in many different ways. But when I think about this one particular title, it ultimately stood above the pack for the profound impression it left on me. Long after playing it, I still think about the joy I felt in the moment, as well as the message it conveyed through its experience. My Game of the Year in 2018 is…

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Closing Out 2018

As the clock strikes midnight tonight, we will bid farewell to 2018. It’s been an eventful one for the In Third Person experience, as I made great strides in expanding beyond the site. Here a few noteworthy things that went down this year!

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Some Notes from the 2018 Game Awards

Will be the first to admit that I didn’t watch the show live. Though the Boss Rush crew originally had plans on streaming a live reaction, it’s not every day that you get the opportunity to watch Home Alone with a live orchestra providing the score. I got home just in time to watch the last two award presentations and have more-or-less caught up on the reveals.

You will find better and more comprehensive notes about The Game Awards from pretty much anywhere else on the internet. But if you want personalized notes about the specific things I care about, stick with me!

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Games I Was Late to the Party For

Keeping up with the latest and greatest in games is an unrealistic task for most. With so many new games hitting every week and prices that make it difficult to obtain everything you want, certain games will slip through the cracks. There are also games that weren’t on your radar at the time of release that make their way to the top of your priority list later on. Whatever the case may be, we all inevitably get to some games after the zeitgeist has moved on.

Here’s a list of games that originally slipped by that I finally got around to.

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Boss Rush: Episode 7

The crew is back together to chat about games, as well as raise awareness and funds for Extra Life! Games we cover on the show include Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mega Man 11, Starlink: Battle for Atlas, Lego City Undercover, Street Fighter: The Movie – The Game, Mad Max, Hollow Knight, and Octopath Traveler! Also, the final segment pits the guys in a new game where they must guess the Metacritic user score! Do you have a better read of the Metacritic user base than Jason, Mat, and Jon? Play along to find out!

Whether you want to watch the whole episode in one shot, or watch it in parts, both options are available above!

Boss Rush: Episode 1

Jett and Mat break down the latest news from Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII! Also, is battle royale a fad? Is Nintendo Labo actually cool? How bad is Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery? Find out in this inaugural* episode of the show!

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God of War Review

I’ll always love that first God of War game. Even though I experienced it on the PlayStation 3 years after its original release, I was wowed by the game’s balance of frenetic action, bombastic setpieces, Greek mythology, and light puzzle solving to keep players on their toes. However, the formula got stale after a while, and issues with Kratos’ always angry character design became too hard to ignore. Though the series would add five other games to its catalogue before going on hiatus, I never got very far in II or III and I skipped the rest.

Had Kratos never come back, I would have been okay with that. His first game made an impact on me that I’ll always cherish and I thought that was good enough. 2018’s God of War proves that sentiment wrong as the Greek God returns in a wholly new experience that is bigger and better than any game in the franchise before it.

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