Closing Out 2018

As the clock strikes midnight tonight, we will bid farewell to 2018. It’s been an eventful one for the In Third Person experience, as I made great strides in expanding beyond the site. Here a few noteworthy things that went down this year!

Entered the world of streaming in earnest

Though I’ve dabbled in video and streaming content for a few years now, 2018 represented me diving head first into the streaming. Through the process of buying the right hardware, learning the software, and streaming on the right platform, you can now watch me live as I experience what the world of gaming has to offer. It’s a lot of work, and stuff still breaks on my stream more often than I’d like, but I think the effort has been worth it. Thank you to everyone that’s followed the channel and/or tuned into a show! Many more streams to come in 2019!

Get by with a little help from my friends

Historically a one-man show, In Third Person made room for many more faces old and new in a number of different capacities. Jason and Mat – the original Recurring Bosscast crew – re-united with me to start our Boss Rush video podcast. Jon joined the crew part way, and I’m glad to have had JJ, Laura, Kris, and Rachel from Double Jump join the show as well.

Speaking of Kris and Rachel, I’m really thankful to have met them this year. We collaborated on a bunch of stuff in 2018, from written posts, to streams.

Even some of my family got involved, as Randy and Jenna showed up for a number of streams to play games with me.

The group highlight for sure was the Extra Life marathon, where we all came together to play games and raise money for charity. We made the world a better place with all of the money we raised and I couldn’t have done it without them. Looking forward to seeing everyone more in 2019! And make sure to check everyone out on their respective platforms as well!

Add me on social media!

Though I’ve dragged my feet on it forever, I’ve taken great strides to make my social media presence matter. Posting daily, I always try to give you something cool, whether it’s a highlight from a previous stream, screenshots, thought-starters, notifications for when I’m streaming, and glimpses into my nerdy life. Hoping to earn a spot in your social media feed in 2019 if I haven’t already!

Played a lot of great games

From AAA blockbusters to indie darlings, I got to play a lot of great games in 2018. You can check out all of my reviews here. Which one will be crowned as my game of the year? You’ll have to tune into our Boss Rush Game of the Year Spectacular on January 9th at 9pm EST to find out!

I’m still writing

Lots of video and streaming content made it on the site this year, but my bread-and-butter is still writing. Posted well over 100 written pieces this year, ranging from reviews, guides, lists, editorials, and other dumb ideas that I can best express in writing. I’ll continue to open my mind and heart to you with regards to video games, board games, and other nerdy pursuits, and I hope you continue on this journey with me!

See you all in 2019! Be safe and have fun tonight!

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