Some of My Noteworthy Posts of 2020

Video games might be the primary focus of In Third Person, but the site and platform at-large ultimately goes where I go. In years past, this meant diving deep into the realm of fighting game strategy. Or catching up on years of comic book lore. Or exploring the world of tabletop gaming.

In 2020, while we certainly talked a fair amount about games, In Third Person branched out in a few key ways. For one, much of my content this year focused on streaming. Whether I was sharing what little expertise I had in order to help others improve their output or providing you with insight on my life as an aspiring streamer, I used this site as an outlet for those thoughts.

And then there was the whole pandemic thing. Though most of my discussion on the matter happens on stream, I wrote a few deeply-personal posts regarding the current state of the world. I don’t regret using this platform to share my feelings of concern and sadness. If anything, I wish I spent more time focusing my thoughts on the pandemic into posts rather than the scattershot ramblings I’m prone to on stream.

Before we close the book on 2020 (good riddance), I just wanted to take a moment to highlight a few of my posts. Not sure if “favourite” is the right word here, especially considering the subject matter of some. But I think this collection of posts provides a snapshot of where I was at this year.

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Closing Out 2018

As the clock strikes midnight tonight, we will bid farewell to 2018. It’s been an eventful one for the In Third Person experience, as I made great strides in expanding beyond the site. Here a few noteworthy things that went down this year!

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2012 Year in Review: Jett X Splitkick

Up until this year, writing for any other publication other than my own was never in the cards. I have no ambitions to make a career out of this, and all of my efforts leading up to that point were strictly for personal enjoyment. I’ve been approached in the past to contribute In Third Person content to other websites, but none of those offers felt right to me.

However, when Splitkick approached me regarding the possibility of joining their writing staff as a contributor, it was an easier decision to make. I was genuinely excited to join a team of gaming enthusiasts that take their writing craft seriously. After submitting a few pieces as a contributor, I formally joined on as a staff writer.

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2010 Year in Review: Top 5 In Third Person Posts of the Year


2010 has been a monumental year for In Third Person. To be fair, it’s not hard to have a monumental year when you’ve only been around for two years, but I digress. In 2010, I moved the site from Blogger to WordPress, and In Third Person was featured on the home page. These two moves turned this pet project that nobody visited into a site that draws thousands of visits a month. I’ve worked on a number of different personal social media projects since 2003, and this by far has been the most successful.

Before I say goodbye to 2010, I wanted to wrap up this year by spotlighting the top 5 In Third Person Posts of 2010. Click through to see what were the most popular In Third Person posts of the year.

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2010 Year in Review: 5 In Third Person Posts You May Have Missed

As much as I like to think of this of this site as a personal project, I’m super thankful to you, the readers, for discovering and sticking with In Third Person. It’s cool to know that people are finding this site, enjoying the content and leaving some awesome comments. I would continue posting no matter what, but the positive response I’ve received to the site is what motivates me to post every day.

With that said, I’m fairly certain you didn’t get a chance to see everything In Third Person has to offer for one reason or another, which is cool. Whether you want to catch up or not is your call, which is also cool. However, if you’re interested in catching up on some back catalogue content, may I suggest the following posts?
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2010 Year in Review: My Favourite iOS Games

Whether you were playing games on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, iOS gaming was really strong this year. There were a ton of great titles that hit the iTunes store, many of which went on sale at crazy prices. I have bought dozens of iOS games, though I’m embarrassed to admit that I did not put much time into most of them.

If you’re looking for a definitive list of the best iOS games of 2010, I’m sure that sites like Slide to Play and Touch Arcade will do a much better job of that than I ever could. At the very least, I can share with you my list of favourite iOS games of 2010.

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2010 Year in Review: A Year of Girlfriend Gaming

Back when I started this series, my girlfriend was in a different place as far as video games go. Steff has always liked video games, but never got into them on a serious level. Even though I’m a life-long hardcore gamer, it wasn’t (and will never be) a priority to me that she be a hardcore gamer too. I value her personal tastes and interests far too much to mess with the amazing person that she already is. My first Girlfriend Gaming post was about my perspective on this very subject.

Since I kicked off the series, my girlfriend has become much more invested in the medium. She now has about 20 games for her Wii. She also now has a PlayStation 3 with almost 10 games. On top of that, she’s playing or has shown interest in a number of hardcore games, such as Batman: Arkham Asylum, God of War, Bioshock and Assassin’s Creed. I’m sure that last point will make many a gamer guy jealous, but sorry, you can’t have her. It’s great that she’s enjoying games more and I’ll always support her with any interest she gets into. So why is it then, that I feel like I’ve partially failed as a gamer boyfriend?

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2010 Year in Review: The iPad as a Gaming Device


With Christmas rolling in quickly, I’m sure that the Apple iPad will continue to fly off the shelves as the hottest gadget on the market. Having owned one since launch, I can tell you that it’s a ‘nice to have’ device. It’s nice to have as a laptop or iPhone alternative, but if you already have both of those devices, this in-between gadget may not be for you.

Let’s narrow the scope of this discussion though, since this isn’t the place to talk about the device’s usefulness as a word processor or e-reader. How well has the iPad performed as a gaming device so far?

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2010 Year in Review: Older Games That Rocked My Socks

When it comes to playing video games, the majority of gamers don’t just play whatever is new and hot. Most of us will play some new releases, but we’ll also go back to older games we may have missed for whatever reason. In hindsight, most of the games I played this year were were not originally released in 2010. If I were to make some sort of defining list of the best games of 2010, it would fall well short of representing the year’s best, as I spent much of the year playing older stuff.

Instead, I present to you this list of awesome, older games that I only got to this year. You may have already played this stuff, but if you haven’t, they’re all worth a look.

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2010 Year in Review: I’m Just One Guy


For the last few months, I’ve been kicking around the idea of writing a series of 2010 year in review posts to wrap things up. In my head, I thought the idea was great. When it actually came down to translating those thoughts into posts, it got a bit dicey.

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