Video Game Characters Who Wear Masks

During these uncertain times, one of the best things we can do to protect ourselves and others is to wear a mask. There’s no shortage of evidence out there that show how effective they are. I’ve been wearing a mask for months now and I agree with my government’s laws around masks in public spaces.

But don’t just follow my lead. You can be just like these star video game characters who also wear masks!

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Games I Was Late to the Party For

Keeping up with the latest and greatest in games is an unrealistic task for most. With so many new games hitting every week and prices that make it difficult to obtain everything you want, certain games will slip through the cracks. There are also games that weren’t on your radar at the time of release that make their way to the top of your priority list later on. Whatever the case may be, we all inevitably get to some games after the zeitgeist has moved on.

Here’s a list of games that originally slipped by that I finally got around to.

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2010 Year in Review: Top 5 In Third Person Posts of the Year


2010 has been a monumental year for In Third Person. To be fair, it’s not hard to have a monumental year when you’ve only been around for two years, but I digress. In 2010, I moved the site from Blogger to WordPress, and In Third Person was featured on the home page. These two moves turned this pet project that nobody visited into a site that draws thousands of visits a month. I’ve worked on a number of different personal social media projects since 2003, and this by far has been the most successful.

Before I say goodbye to 2010, I wanted to wrap up this year by spotlighting the top 5 In Third Person Posts of 2010. Click through to see what were the most popular In Third Person posts of the year.

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2010 Year in Review: Older Games That Rocked My Socks

When it comes to playing video games, the majority of gamers don’t just play whatever is new and hot. Most of us will play some new releases, but we’ll also go back to older games we may have missed for whatever reason. In hindsight, most of the games I played this year were were not originally released in 2010. If I were to make some sort of defining list of the best games of 2010, it would fall well short of representing the year’s best, as I spent much of the year playing older stuff.

Instead, I present to you this list of awesome, older games that I only got to this year. You may have already played this stuff, but if you haven’t, they’re all worth a look.

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Top 5 In Third Person Posts: October 2010 Edition


October 2010 was another monumental month for In Third Person. Despite not being featured on the home page this month, traffic to In Third Person in October still surpassed the September 2010 figures by a wide margin. What I find most crazy is that In Third Person has a new most viewed post of all-time, and it didn’t need to be featured on the homepage to reach that milestone.

Without further ado, here are the top 5 In Third Person posts of October 2010.

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Why Isn’t There A Video Game About The Notebook?

Love is the most popular subject matter in virtually every medium across every culture. Much of the music we listen to, television shows we watch and books we read deal with the subjects of love, dating and romance. Personally, I’m a sucker for a good love song, though I can pass on most chick flicks and romance novels.

With that said, where are the video games about love, dating and romance? Why hasn’t the most universal subject matter made a splash in the medium of video games? I acknowledge the fact that Mass Effect has a relationship mechanic, but its a small part in a big game about shooting aliens. Final Fantasy VIII tells a love story, but its wrapped around a fantasy world where you kill monsters and level up. I am also aware of the dating simulators in Japan, but cultural differences wouldn’t allow for direct ports of those games to other regions. My question is, where is the video game equivalent of The Notebook?

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Top 5 In Third Person Posts: September 2010 Edition

September was a monumental month for In Third Person. It was during that month where my initial PlayStation 3 impressions got the site featured on the home page, which brought in a lot of new readers. Traffic has cooled considerably since that massive spike, but In Third Person still brings in more people now than it did before the spotlight, which is awesome.

What that spotlight has also done is change the viewing trends on In Third Person. This site is now higher up on search engine priority lists, which means people are checking out a variety of different posts that weren’t garnering much buzz before.

There’s no surprise to what #1 is, but the rest of the top 5 is an interesting mix of content worth checking out if you haven’t already.

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Video Game Characters Worth Dating If They Existed In Real Life

Months after I posted my initial impressions of Mass Effect 2, this post continues to drive a lot of traffic to my site. Not because people want to read about how the game plays, but because they want to find sexy pictures of Shepherd’s crew member and possible love interest, Miranda. I know this because my search engine metrics always have Miranda’s name at or near the top of the list. I am well aware of the stigma that goes with those who are attracted to fictional, digitized characters. If you’re here for those reasons, I’m not here to judge.

Instead, I thought it would be fun to write about video game characters worth dating if they existed in real life. Video game characters of male, female, robot, alien or whatever orientation are often hypersexualized in appearance, but are paper thin in terms of character and personality. Most characters would make for a great fling, but a terrible significant other. With this post, I wanted to highlight a few characters that may be worth more than a one night stand.

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Some Things I Don’t Like About Mass Effect

Having just finished playing through Mass Effect, I think this is one of the greatest video games I’ve ever played. When I played through that game, it is startling how big this game is, yet how awesome the experience is. When it comes to storytelling, scale, characterization and role-playing, I don’t think I’ve played anything better than Mass Effect.

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All For One and One For All

I don’t play too many games that are squad-based. Off the top of my head, the only two I can think of are the Gears of War series and the Fire Emblem series. While both of these games are great for their own reasons, the stake you as a player emotionally have for your teammates is negligible. In Gears of War, they’re essentially there to make you not feel alone, even though they won’t die and they don’t really help you, either. The back-story of your squad is practically non-existent, with only Dom having one major plot point to his name, and the others are there to shout expletive-filled one-liners. In Fire Emblem, that series does try to make you care through some back-story, endings for each character and the permanence of death, though ultimately each person feels more like a piece in your intricate game of chess more than anything.

Mass Effect has made me feel really weird about my squad in a way that other games haven’t for me. The game has so much story and so many moments where you can interact with them that you can’t help but build a weirdly fascinating connection to them.
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