Top 5 In Third Person Posts: September 2010 Edition

September was a monumental month for In Third Person. It was during that month where my initial PlayStation 3 impressions got the site featured on the home page, which brought in a lot of new readers. Traffic has cooled considerably since that massive spike, but In Third Person still brings in more people now than it did before the spotlight, which is awesome.

What that spotlight has also done is change the viewing trends on In Third Person. This site is now higher up on search engine priority lists, which means people are checking out a variety of different posts that weren’t garnering much buzz before.

There’s no surprise to what #1 is, but the rest of the top 5 is an interesting mix of content worth checking out if you haven’t already.

5. Mass Effect 2 “Lair of the Shadow Broker” And The Mess That Is Shepherd’s Love Life

Just before the release of the Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC, I discussed the messy love triangle that my Shepherd has gotten himself into. Though it has been well received, I admit to not picking this up yet. The main reason? I don’t know how I would handle the return of Liara to my Shepherd’s life. Do I ditch Miranda? Do I ditch Liara? Do I lose both of them? You don’t have to spoil anything for me; I’ll find out for myself someday.

4. NBA Elite 11 and the Jesus Glitch

Year after year, there usually isn’t much to say about the NBA series from EA Sports. This year, there was a ton of buzz surrounding EA Sports latest NBA basketball game…for all the wrong reasons. A video of a terrible glitch in the NBA Elite 11 demo hit YouTube, which sparked a lot of negative feedback towards the game. In fact, there was so much negative feedback that EA Sports was willing to lose upwards of $60 million in sales in order to give the developers extra time to get the game right.

3. Video Game Characters Worth Dating If They Existed In Real Life

Before the feature, Miranda Lawson of Mass Effect 2 was by far the most popular subject on In Third Person. Not because readers were reading about the finer points of her background, but because they want to see hot photos of this space mercenary. It’s not my place to judge.

Instead, I responded with a piece where I highlight some characters worth dating if they existed in real life. At first, no one was reading it. However, it’s steadily grown into a popular post on In Third Person.

2. The Lesson I Learned From The Ninja Turtles

The popularity of this post really caught me off guard. For almost a year, this post about the really crappy NES Ninja Turtles game went completely unnoticed. However, since the front page feature, this post has been at or near the top of my most viewed list.

Maybe it’s just tweaks in my search engine ranking that is boosting this. Or maybe a lot of people my age can relate to the awful childhood experience they had with this game.

1. Pick Up Post: I Bought A PlayStation 3 That Supposedly Does Everything

Back when I wrote this post, I never imagined it would get the attention that it got. It was nothing more than my initial impressions of my new PS3. However, it would garner more traffic in one day than the lifetime traffic of all of my other posts combined.

Roughly a month later, and I’m still really enjoying the PS3. I’ve got a number of games on it and play it almost daily.

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