2010 Year in Review: Older Games That Rocked My Socks

When it comes to playing video games, the majority of gamers don’t just play whatever is new and hot. Most of us will play some new releases, but we’ll also go back to older games we may have missed for whatever reason. In hindsight, most of the games I played this year were were not originally released in 2010. If I were to make some sort of defining list of the best games of 2010, it would fall well short of representing the year’s best, as I spent much of the year playing older stuff.

Instead, I present to you this list of awesome, older games that I only got to this year. You may have already played this stuff, but if you haven’t, they’re all worth a look.

Plants vs. Zombies

First released in 2009, I didn’t give it a spin until the middle of 2010, when I bought it on my iPad. I still don’t like tower defense games as a genre, but I love the heck out of Plants vs. Zombies. This is the only game on this list that I bought twice; I have it on iPad and XBOX 360.

God of War

I know. I’m super late to the party on this one. Not having a PlayStation until September can do that to you. If it’s any consolation, I made the effort to play this as one of my first PlayStation 3 experiences. If you haven’t played God of War yet, give it a shot with the God of War Collection on PS3.

de Blob

I don’t think any game made me feel as much raw joy as de Blob did. It wasn’t the best game I played all year, but it’s infectiously happy and a treat to play. It had some weird pacing and control issues, but I’m hopeful that those things will be addressed in the sequel.


This game was almost amazing. For as great of a title as it is, I’m still hung up on the nagging issues that stopped it from being one of the best video games I’ve ever played. In spite of its shortcomings, what’s there is awesome. I’ve heard Uncharted 2 fully realizes the vision of the first game, which I now have in my stash. I’ll be playing it soon so that I’ll be ready for Uncharted 3!

Mass Effect

Speaking of almost amazing games with fully-realized sequels, Mass Effect was an amazing game that unraveled under its scope. It was one of the best games I played this year, but it could have been one of the best games ever if it didn’t try to do so much. Thankfully, BioWare read my mind and created Mass Effect 2, which may or may not be mentioned somewhere in my final Game of the Year post.

If you have not played any of these games yet, I’d say give them a shot. They’re all great games and at this point, all really cheap. What more can you ask for?

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