2010 Year in Review: Top 5 In Third Person Posts of the Year


2010 has been a monumental year for In Third Person. To be fair, it’s not hard to have a monumental year when you’ve only been around for two years, but I digress. In 2010, I moved the site from Blogger to WordPress, and In Third Person was featured on the WordPress.com home page. These two moves turned this pet project that nobody visited into a site that draws thousands of visits a month. I’ve worked on a number of different personal social media projects since 2003, and this by far has been the most successful.

Before I say goodbye to 2010, I wanted to wrap up this year by spotlighting the top 5 In Third Person Posts of 2010. Click through to see what were the most popular In Third Person posts of the year.

5. I Join the Mile High Club

So I get the impression that people like Call of Duty. My review of Modern Warfare was two years late, but many of you still checked it out anyway. I have yet to play Black Ops, but this currently stands as my favourite Call of Duty single player campaign.


4. Video Game Characters Worth Dating if They Existed in Real Life

Though Mass Effect 2’s Miranda was the inspiration for this post, she did not make my list of video game characters worth dating in real life. If you’d like to see who did make my list, go read the whole post, then feel free to share which game character you’d date if they existed in real life as well. That is, if you’re not too embarrassed to admit it.


3. Movember Special: Gaming’s Definitive Moustaches

Movember has quickly become a huge cultural movement in North America. To celebrate, raise awareness and hopefully increase donations, I put together this feature about gaming’s definitive moustaches. If this post inspired you to contribute to the cause, I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

2. Pick Up Post: I Bought A Playstation 3 That Supposedly Does Everything

Picking up a PlayStation 3 was a huge deal for me. And apparently, a big deal for the WordPress.com staff, who featured this on Freshly Pressed. It was an honour to be featured in that manner, and I still see the lasting effects of that one day in the spotlight. Even with my criticisms towards the platform at the time, I made a lot of new PlayStation fanboy/fangirl friends with this post.


1. The Lesson I Learned From the Ninja Turtles

This one came out of nowhere. For a good 9 months, no one ever viewed this post. However, being featured on the WordPress.com home page completely changed In Third Person’s place in the search engine rankings, which placed the site really high whenever someone searched for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Did you get burned by that first NES Ninja Turtles game as bad as I did?

Once again, thank you for all your support. As long as you keep coming back, I’ll continue to write content about video games and video game culture. In Third Person’s Game of the Year will be revealed tomorrow, so make sure to carve a bit of time during your New Year’s festivities to see what game gets top honours!

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