2010 Year in Review: 5 In Third Person Posts You May Have Missed

As much as I like to think of this of this site as a personal project, I’m super thankful to you, the readers, for discovering and sticking with In Third Person. It’s cool to know that people are finding this site, enjoying the content and leaving some awesome comments. I would continue posting no matter what, but the positive response I’ve received to the site is what motivates me to post every day.

With that said, I’m fairly certain you didn’t get a chance to see everything In Third Person has to offer for one reason or another, which is cool. Whether you want to catch up or not is your call, which is also cool. However, if you’re interested in catching up on some back catalogue content, may I suggest the following posts?

Unemployed Gamer

Losing my first ad agency job for reasons beyond my control was a really tough event for me; one that affected every aspect of my life. Instead of bogging you down with tales of woe, I focused in on the role of video games in my life moving forward during a time of infinite time and zero income. In retrospect, I achieved some of those goals, and failed horribly at others.


The Colour of Fun

For a game that sold over 800,000 units, it seemed to go under the radar. de Blob seemed to come and go with little to no fanfare. I gave it a shot long after the fact after finding it in a clearance bin at Blockbuster. To my surprise, this game rocked my socks pretty hard. Only those with the coldest of hearts will not be overcome with a feeling of joy as they play this game. It wasn’t a perfect game by any stretch, but I’m hoping that the upcoming sequel on XBOX 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii will address the nagging issues I had with the first one while adding onto the core formula of painting everything in sight.

Passing the Controller to the Next Generation

Many gamer dads have already crossed this bridge, but I have yet to do the same. I look forward to taking on the joys of fatherhood someday, including the task of being involved in their hobbies, whatever they might be. In this post, I think about how I would introduce my children to games, should they choose to jump in.

Labour Day Special: Games About Working Real-Life Jobs

Video games are an awesome form of escapism. It’s a great way to step into the shoes of a character that’s nothing like you and live out a life that’s not your own. Though being a video game lawyer, farmer, surgeon or waitress may not be the biggest stretch, these real life jobs have made for awesome video games.

Hiding My Video Game Shame

Maintaining this blog has helped me ‘come out of the gamer closet’ (if I wasn’t already overt enough about my love for the medium). For many others who play video games though, identifying themselves as a gamer is something that they wouldn’t want to do, due to the stigmas society still has around people who play video games. I talk about the subject and the varying opinions about how society perceives gamers and how I decided to handle things moving forward.

Tomorrow, I’ll list off the Top 5 Most Viewed In Third Person posts and we’ll end the year off with In Third Person’s Game of the Year!

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