2012 Year in Review: Jett X Splitkick

Up until this year, writing for any other publication other than my own was never in the cards. I have no ambitions to make a career out of this, and all of my efforts leading up to that point were strictly for personal enjoyment. I’ve been approached in the past to contribute In Third Person content to other websites, but none of those offers felt right to me.

However, when Splitkick approached me regarding the possibility of joining their writing staff as a contributor, it was an easier decision to make. I was genuinely excited to join a team of gaming enthusiasts that take their writing craft seriously. After submitting a few pieces as a contributor, I formally joined on as a staff writer.

Being a writer for Splitkick has been a great experience so far. The peer review process that every post goes through before going live has been greatly beneficial to my work. It really pushes me to craft every article with care, which ultimately leads to a better product. In return, I hope that my contributions as a writer and as a member of the Splitkick community have been positive.

Beyond the writing, the Splitkick gang are a great bunch to work with, talk to, and play games with. I’m happy as a member of the team and am aiming to continue this through 2013 and beyond!

If you haven’t  checked out any of my work for them, head over to Splitkick for more Jett goodness. While you’re there, make sure to check out all of the other great content they have to offer, from articles, to podcasts, to live streams; all of which are fantastic.

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