2012 Year in Review: Jett X Splitkick

Up until this year, writing for any other publication other than my own was never in the cards. I have no ambitions to make a career out of this, and all of my efforts leading up to that point were strictly for personal enjoyment. I’ve been approached in the past to contribute In Third Person content to other websites, but none of those offers felt right to me.

However, when Splitkick approached me regarding the possibility of joining their writing staff as a contributor, it was an easier decision to make. I was genuinely excited to join a team of gaming enthusiasts that take their writing craft seriously. After submitting a few pieces as a contributor, I formally joined on as a staff writer.

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2012 Year In Review: A Slow Year for Video Games

2012 was a slow year for me. At least as far as new releases go. Within this calendar year, I’ve only bought about 10 new releases across all of the systems I own. Instead of jumping from one new release to the next,  a of my game shopping and playing this year has been spent catching up on older releases, as well as some stellar downloadable releases. Trials Evolution and Mark of the Ninja in particular stand out.

I know that there were big titles throughout, and that tastes vary from person-to-person, but this has been the slowest gaming year for me in a long time. Things will likely pick up now that the Wii U is out and that more new consoles are supposedly on the way, but this year in general was a bummer. Was 2012 a down year for you too?

Off-Topic: Rock The Vote

Today is a monumental day in U.S. – and no, I’m not talking about Halo 4. Today is the day to vote for who you feel is most deserving to be your president for the next four years.

Regardless of who you support, I’m hoping you take advantage of your right to vote today. As a Canadian, I’m not eligible, but I urge all of you that are to make your vote count!

Check Out My EVO 2012 Wrap-Up on Splitkick.com

Last weekend, the Super Bowl of fighting games took place in Las Vegas. If you missed out on the action, or are looking for someone else’s point-of-view on what went down, I encourage you to check out my EVO 2012 wrap-up on Splitkick.com!

Check Out My Viewer’s Guide to EVO 2012 Now on Splitkick.com

Get hype!

The Evolution Championship Series is just a few weeks away. To get you ready for all of the action, I’ve put together a viewer’s guide to EVO, which you can now check out at Splitkick. This covers where to watch it, what games will be played, as well as some of the big story lines and players to look out for. If you have any interest in watching the event, definitely check out the guide for some additional context.

Let’s Talk About E3 2012

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for gaming news, as the Electronic Entertainment Expo is upon us. I can’t wait to watch all of the conferences from the major platform holders, read everything that comes up on my reader and listen to all of the podcasts that come from the show. Personally, I’m really curious to learn more about the Wii U, but I’m also keeping my eyes open for some out-of-nowhere shockers that will get me excited for the future of gaming.

Are you excited for the biggest gaming show on the planet? What are you looking forward to seeing or learning more about? Who do you think is going to win E3? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

Off-Topic Pick-Up Post: 2012 Hyundai Elantra GL

Say hello to my new friend. And just in case you’re wondering, yes, that’s my silhouette at the bottom.

Though I came into this car shopping experience with a sad heart, simply looking for a cheap vehicle to get me from point A to point B, it became a lot more meaningful when I first laid eyes on the 2012 Hyundai Elantra that day in the showroom. It’s combination of sleek styling and a long list of features at a highly competitive price won me over hard. Once I saw that car, it wasn’t about just getting any car. It was about being a baller in that car. I was thinking about that Elantra every day until I finally got my own over the weekend. Should you be interested in my experiences with the vehicle so far, click through to read more!

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