Top 5 In Third Person Posts: March 2011 Edition


March was a pretty big month for gaming. While the biggest news came from the North American release of the Nintendo 3DS, In Third Person talked almost exclusively about Marvel vs. Capcom 3. I’m sorry if the subject matter of my posts of late have been narrow, but I haven’t really been playing much else of late. Damn that game is good.

Based on the numbers, I’m not alone in my interest in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Many of my Marvel vs. Capcom 3 posts got a lot of traffic, some of which found their way onto this list. If you’re interested in seeing what the readers found hot in March, click through the break!

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2010 Year in Review: My Favourite iOS Games

Whether you were playing games on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, iOS gaming was really strong this year. There were a ton of great titles that hit the iTunes store, many of which went on sale at crazy prices. I have bought dozens of iOS games, though I’m embarrassed to admit that I did not put much time into most of them.

If you’re looking for a definitive list of the best iOS games of 2010, I’m sure that sites like Slide to Play and Touch Arcade will do a much better job of that than I ever could. At the very least, I can share with you my list of favourite iOS games of 2010.

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About You: Current Hot Topics On In Third Person

Ever since I wrote the Top 5 All-Time Most Viewed In Third Person Posts post, I’ve been kind of a metrics junkie. I’ll frequently log in with the sole intention of viewing the numbers and picking out the trends. I don’t envision a day where I’ll ever give away all my numbers to you, but I think it could be a neat exercise to talk about how you, the readers, use In Third Person. I’ve already covered the Top 5 Most Viewed In Third Person Posts of All-Time and now, I want to talk about the three topics that In Third Person readers can’t get enough of within the last month or so.

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War of Eustrath: If You Like Fire Emblem, Try This

643x0wSince the launch of the iTunes App Store, I’ve been longing for a Fire Emblem style turn-based strategy RPG to hit the iPhone. There have been no shortage of strategy games on the platform, but up until I found War of Eusthrath HD for iPad (which hit the App Store on June 11th), I hadn’t found one that was right up my alley. Having poured in close to 16 hours into the game in the past week, this game has sent me to strategy RPG heaven.
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