Aspects of the Nintendo Labo VR Kit I’m Excited For

My initial experiences with Nintendo Labo have been mixed. Granted, will acknowledge that I’m not the target audience for these products. However, based on my time with the Toy-Con 01 Variety Kit, it was more fun to build the toys than it was to actually play them. Right now, they’re all stacked on top of my desk and I have no idea what to do with them. Still have Toy-Con 02 Robot Kit in the box, but my wife and I do have plans of building that one someday. Have heard that Toy-Con 03 Vehicle Kit did a better job of providing kids with a meatier gameplay experience, but I don’t have that kit yet.

Nevertheless, Nintendo isn’t waiting for me to catch up. The upcoming Toy-Con 04 VR Kit┬áis set to be released on April 12th. While I do have some concerns with some of these toys being as gimmicky as those found in the Variety Kit (I’m looking at you, bird and wind pedal), there are aspects of this package that really excite me.

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Labo Toy-Con 03: Vehicle Kit Revealed, Out September 14

Nintendo’s Labo project continues with the Toy-Con 03: Vehicle Kit. Take to the ground, skies, and seas with your cardboard steering wheel, pedal, flight stick, and…underwater ship control thingy.

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Early Nintendo Labo Variety Kit Impressions

Sometimes, wacky Nintendo is the best Nintendo. From the Wario Ware series, to Elite Beat Agents, to the world-shifting Wii Sports, their free-thinking approach can blaze the trail for others to follow. On the other side of that same coin are duds like Wii Music, the Wii U, or the e-Reader;┬áideas that couldn’t overcome their own insanity. By virtue of including cardboard into the mix, the Nintendo Labo put itself on the fast track to one of those two extremes.

Having now made and played with three of the five Toy-Cons in the Variety Kit, I think I have a better idea of where it fits on that scale.

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Boss Rush: Episode 1

Jett and Mat break down the latest news from Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII! Also, is battle royale a fad? Is Nintendo Labo actually cool? How bad is Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery? Find out in this inaugural* episode of the show!

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Out Now: Nintendo Labo

Nintendo Labo aims to create entertaining new video game experiences with the latest in cardboard technology. Specifically targeted for children, these experiences don’t appeal to me beyond my general curiousity of the tech. However, I hope that kids of all ages have fun with their future cardboard creations!

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Nintendo is Thinking Outside of the Box With Nintendo Labo


In a world where companies are racing towards 4K resolutions and virtual reality, Nintendo’s next technological innovation is…cardboard.

Nintendo Labo is a line of kid-focused games that incorporate the use of cardboard in a variety of different ways. In the example video shown, cardboard is used to make a piano, where the tablet sits in the middle. There’s a bug with Joy Con controllers on the sides that moves through HD rumble and inputs from the tablet. The most insane example is a full-on cardboard mech suit with a headset to mount the screen directly in front of your face.


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