Aspects of the Nintendo Labo VR Kit I’m Excited For

My initial experiences with Nintendo Labo have been mixed. Granted, will acknowledge that I’m not the target audience for these products. However, based on my time with the Toy-Con 01 Variety Kit, it was more fun to build the toys than it was to actually play them. Right now, they’re all stacked on top of my desk and I have no idea what to do with them. Still have Toy-Con 02 Robot Kit in the box, but my wife and I do have plans of building that one someday. Have heard that Toy-Con 03 Vehicle Kit did a better job of providing kids with a meatier gameplay experience, but I don’t have that kit yet.

Nevertheless, Nintendo isn’t waiting for me to catch up. The upcoming Toy-Con 04 VR Kit┬áis set to be released on April 12th. While I do have some concerns with some of these toys being as gimmicky as those found in the Variety Kit (I’m looking at you, bird and wind pedal), there are aspects of this package that really excite me.

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Thanks For the Belated Birthday Present!

Back in May, I happened to receive two Nintendo Labo Variety Kits as presents. My sister-in-law and her boyfriend decided to return theirs, and they recently gave me the Robot Kit instead! Thank you!

Having recently built the Motorcycle Toy-Con, we’re 4/5ths of the way through the Variety Kit. After the piano, on a day where we have a whole afternoon to dedicate to this, we’ll definitely take a stab at building the robot. While I am not the intended audience, and I do have concerns about the software from the Variety Kit, I do see the value in the Labo experience, as the building process is rather enjoyable. Stay tuned for my impressions of this, plus a video of me stomping around in a cardboard robot suit!

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Playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with the Labo Motorbike!

Having just built the Motorbike Toy-Con, of course I had to try it out in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe! Take a wild guess at how well I performed. Or just watch the video!

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Nintendo Adds Labo Support to Mario Kart 8

Recently, Nintendo made a surprising announcement that the Motorcycle Toy-Con was now compatible with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the Switch. As someone who has enjoyed building Labo Toy-Cons but has been underwhelmed with its accompanying software, this is a brilliant bridge between the two concepts. It may be asking a lot to buy a whole Variety Kit just for a motorcycle peripheral for Mario Kart 8, but this is a great way to add value to those who already own it. That said, you can buy the cardboard for just the Motorbike for a few bucks online from Nintendo.

Going forward, I’m excited to see what other games and cardboard mash-ups they have in store. Unlike the Wii peripheral era of the past, it’s fun to build these, the Joy-Cons are responsive enough to handle many different motion control functions, and once you’re done playing with them, simply recycle them or pack them back up in the original box. You don’t have to have these collecting dust in your house until the end of time (looks back at Rock Band instruments collecting dust in the basement). What Labo and Nintendo game mash-up do you want to see next?

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I Got the Nintendo Labo Variety Kit

With age comes wisdom, gray hair, and sometimes, gifts!

My family and friends actually spoiled me with two Nintendo Labo Variety Kits. One got exchanged for something else, but I still have one ready to rock! Looking forward to trying this out to see if Nintendo’s latest creation is the next big thing! Stay tuned!

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