Thanks For the Belated Birthday Present!

Back in May, I happened to receive two Nintendo Labo Variety Kits as presents. My sister-in-law and her boyfriend decided to return theirs, and they recently gave me the Robot Kit instead! Thank you!

Having recently built the Motorcycle Toy-Con, we’re 4/5ths of the way through the Variety Kit. After the piano, on a day where we have a whole afternoon to dedicate to this, we’ll definitely take a stab at building the robot. While I am not the intended audience, and I do have concerns about the software from the Variety Kit, I do see the value in the Labo experience, as the building process is rather enjoyable. Stay tuned for my impressions of this, plus a video of me stomping around in a cardboard robot suit!

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Early Nintendo Labo Variety Kit Impressions

Sometimes, wacky Nintendo is the best Nintendo. From the Wario Ware series, to Elite Beat Agents, to the world-shifting Wii Sports, their free-thinking approach can blaze the trail for others to follow. On the other side of that same coin are duds like Wii Music, the Wii U, or the e-Reader;┬áideas that couldn’t overcome their own insanity. By virtue of including cardboard into the mix, the Nintendo Labo put itself on the fast track to one of those two extremes.

Having now made and played with three of the five Toy-Cons in the Variety Kit, I think I have a better idea of where it fits on that scale.

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I Got the Nintendo Labo Variety Kit

With age comes wisdom, gray hair, and sometimes, gifts!

My family and friends actually spoiled me with two Nintendo Labo Variety Kits. One got exchanged for something else, but I still have one ready to rock! Looking forward to trying this out to see if Nintendo’s latest creation is the next big thing! Stay tuned!

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