These Aren’t My Game of the Year, But These 2018 Titles Are Worth Celebrating

Once again, congratulations to Celeste for taking home the prestigious In Third Person Game of the Year award! Though there can only be one winner, there were a number of fantastic games that were “thisclose” from taking the crown. Let’s take a moment to tip our hats to some of my favourite games of 2018!

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My Ongoing Battle with Online Game Shopping While Weighing the Value of Money vs. Time

A few years back, video games in Canada got a 20% price hike in response to the falling dollar. It fundamentally changed the way I shop for games. I almost never pay full-price for a new game anymore. Instead, I’ll use trade-ins to offset the cost, while banking heavily on annual E3 pre-order deals that range from $20-30 off new games.

While I love the idea of saving money, I’m eating the cost elsewhere. The last five games I’ve ordered online have really made me question whether the savings was worth it at all.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man Review

Peter Parker is no stranger to video games. Having starred or appeared in dozens of titles throughout history, most of them have been terrible, as he’s largely been tied to sub-par games made as side products in support of something else. But if there were any character that was most deserving of the Arkham treatment, it’s the web crawler. We’ve seen glimpses of how good he can be through games that fell a bit short of greatness, but the potential has always been there due to the character’s inherent design and the lore around him. Finally, thanks to the good folks at Insomniac Games, Spider-Man was given the time and love needed to fulfill the promise of what a Spidey-centric game could be. The results are fantastic.

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Spider-Man – And The Award Goes To / Dual Purpose

What should be a glorious day for Miles Morales’ dad goes sideways as the Demons crash the party. Also, Spidey’s investigation into Martin Li reveals that the scope of this conflict is much bigger than he anticipated.


Wheels within Wheels! Spider-Man Raids Fisk’s Warehouse

After a false start to the stream, I return to re-do the Wheels within Wheels mission! Also complete the mission where Peter has to track all of his stuff from the garbage!

Shocker Saga! Playing More Spider-Man on PS4!

The Shocker bookends another session of Spider-Man. In between, I take on a cool side-quest that puts the web-slinger in the role of private eye, and PEOPLE WON’T STOP CALLING ME!

Spider-Man, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and My Approach to Tackling Multiple Hot New Releases

With the busy season for video game releases in high gear, it’s inevitable that you’ll run into a scenario where you’ll end up with multiple games you want to play at about the same time. Generally speaking, this is awesome! For me, I got Spider-Man and Shadow of the Tomb Raider within a week of each other. But how do I split my time between a number of games at once? I don’t.

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Opening Sequence of Marvel Spider-Man

Just missed the launch day hype due to shipping issues, but the wall-crawler is always ready to save the day! Let’s take down the Kingpin in Spider-Man and let me get into the specifics on how the shopping process for this game has been stressing me out for over a year now!