These Aren’t My Game of the Year, But These 2018 Titles Are Worth Celebrating

Once again, congratulations to Celeste for taking home the prestigious In Third Person Game of the Year award! Though there can only be one winner, there were a number of fantastic games that were “thisclose” from taking the crown. Let’s take a moment to tip our hats to some of my favourite games of 2018!

God of War

Welcome back, Kratos. The new God of War serves as a testament that old dogs, er, Gods, can learn new tricks. By taking the risk of rethinking everything that defined the series, this new entry actually takes the franchise to new heights. This is not only game of the year material, but it will probably stand tall as one of the best in this generation.

Jett, God of War Review

Hollow Knight

In spite of my initial aversion towards playing Hollow Knight, as well as the initial bumpiness from understanding the game’s mapping system, I have fallen head-over-heels for it. Beautiful visuals, haunting music, and a brilliantly designed world that will challenge and reward players every step of the way makes this one a deeply engrossing game that wouldn’t let me go for hours on end. Frame rate issues put a damper on certain sections of the game, but it’s not enough to deter you from experiencing this adventure. Glad to have given this one a chance, as it’s vaulted itself to being one of the best games I played in 2018!

Jett, Hollow Knight Review

Into the Breach

By forging its own path in the realm of turn-based strategy, it brings so many fresh ideas to the table in a package that can be played in short bursts or played forever with new challenges every time you attempt to save the world. I can see myself coming back to this for a very long time, but you should absolutely make the effort to try this one out at least once.

Jett, Into the Breach Review

Marvel’s Spider-Man

Spider-Man brings the comic book hero to life in a way that his past games haven’t. Propped up with the Arkham combat system, great web-swinging, lots of variety, and a well-crafted story that moves at an excellent pace while showing everything that the hero and the man behind the mask has to offer, this easily takes the crown as the best Spider-Man game to-date. Better yet, it will also stand tall as one of the overall best games of 2018.

Jett, Marvel’s Spider-Man Review

Tetris Effect

The value proposition of Tetris Effect is debatable, but its effect on your heart and mind when you play it is undeniable. It’s a Tetris experience unlike any other. When that blend of classic gameplay and euphoric presentation come together, it feels like you’re melting into the game. If you want to experience that unique sensation, and/or if you loved playing Tetris on the NES or Gameboy to chase high scores without worrying about being able to compete directly against friends, this is a must-play.

Jett, Tetris Effect Review

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