Introducing Board Games to Non-Gamers

One of my favourite things to do as it pertains to board games is to introduce newcomers to the hobby. With the way the scene has grown in terms of gameplay innovation and variety, I feel like everyone can enjoy what board games are today on some level. From coworkers, to kids, to those who read this website, to even my mom, it’s been cool to be a part of someone discovering how fun modern games can be.

Based on my experiences as a “board game guru” and as a former non-gamer, I’ve picked up a thing or two on how to introduce board games in the best light. I’m not promising that this will help you turn a non-gamer into a super fan, but it can help bridge the gap.

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Board Game Night Playlist: I, Spy

Spies are a surprisingly common trope in board games. They usually aren’t of the James Bond variety, though they’re often used to represent someone who is hiding their true identity. All three of these games on tonight’s Board Game Night Playlist feature these undercover agents. Curiously, all three games are also designed to work as party games for large groups. Let’s blow the cover on these spy-themed board games!

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Board Game Night Playlist: Large Groups

Playing board games at my family gatherings is hard. With so many cousins to account for, most of my collection can’t handle player counts to support us all. For moments like this, I turn to a few quality games that shine with many people in the same room.

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Board Game Night Playlist: Call My Bluff

Am I bluffing? Most of the time, if I am, it’s pretty obvious. I suffer from a crippling inability to bluff. In most cases, being hard-wired to be honest is a great thing. Unfortunately, it puts me at a real disadvantage in games where bluffing is key.

This edition of the Board Game Night Playlist is the equivalent of my board gaming Kryptonite. These games are certainly fun, though my inability to bluff puts me at a huge disadvantage in all of them. Still, bluffing is a very popular board gaming mechanic and one that can lead to a hilarious night of tabletop gaming. If you’re in the mood to lie through your teeth, try out this trifecta of bluffing goodness!

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The Resistance Review

A corrupt government rules the land with an iron fist. Together, you and your fellow players will try and overthrow them by going on a series of daring missions in The Resistance. The problem is, the government is in on your scheme and their spies have already infiltrated your group. Can you still succeed in spite of the government’s spies that are trying to take you down from the inside?

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Splendor, The Resistance and Varying Levels of Player Interaction in Board Games

Lords of VegasOne of the key selling points about board games is that they are a great catalyst for face-to-face social interaction. Besides just having something to do while hanging out, these games can steer the conversation in directions that it normally wouldn’t go if you were just talking on the couch watching television. Some of my favourite games that spark a unique social interaction include Lords of Vegas, Cash ‘N Guns, and Space Cadets. Other games, while great to play, don’t necessarily add to that social dynamic. Certain games actually take that away in a weird way. Case in point, Splendor and The Resistance.

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