10 Years of In Third Person: Some of My Favourite Videos and Live Streams

Video has grown to become a primary method of creating and consuming video game content. It makes perfect sense, as gaming in itself is a video-based medium. Though In Third Person has had a YouTube channel for a very long time, I squandered it with crappy webcam videos and rips of Street Fighter match vids for many years.

Many mistakes were made, but it wasn’t until this year where I was truly in a position to make the video content I wanted at an acceptable level of production quality. That said, some of the earliest videos I made with my shoestring equipment budget are still some of my faves! Here’s a few choice cuts!

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Board Games I Want to Play During Future Board Game Night Live Streams

Once we got past a few technical difficulties that plagued the start of the broadcast, our first board game night live stream was a smashing success! The technical solution that I put in place to play Codenames worked smoothly for the most part, and playing with some of my favourite people around melted away whatever distance there was between our webcams. Thank you to Mat, Jon, Kris, Rachel, & Steff for making this way more special than just a streaming experiment. And thank you to everyone that tuned in to watch our shenanigans and chat with us!

We will do this again. We had too much fun to let this concept slide. Even if we didn’t publicly broadcast it, just being able to play board games remotely with a group of friends separated by hundreds of miles and still feel connected was magical. Now that we’ve proved that it works, here are some other games I would love to make work in this format!

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Board Game Night! Codenames Highlights featuring Kris and Rachel from Double Jump, Mat from Biff Bam Pop, Jon @hotfiya and Steff @copperkeycosplay

If you are looking for serious Codenames matches, this may not be the video for you! But if you want a plethora of shocking reactions, weird stories, and non-stop laughs in only 15 minutes, you’ve come to the right place! Thank you Kris & Rachel from Double Jump, Mat from Biff Bam Pop, Jon @hotfiya, and my wife Steff @copperkeycosplay for a fantastic board game night!

If you just can’t get enough, there’s plenty more laughs and good times to be shared by watching the full episode!

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Codenames Live Stream featuring Kris and Rachel from Double Jump, Jason from Downstab.com, Mat from Biff Bam Pop, Copper Key Cosplay, and @hotfiya

[UPDATE: Our first foray into board game live streaming was a doozy! With Kris & Rachel from Double Jump, Mat from Biff Bam Pop, Jon @hotfiya, and my wife Steff @copperkeycosplay, we fumble our way through the hit board game Codenames. But really, it was an excuse to laugh for 2 hours non-stop! Once we got past the technical issues, this was so much fun! Whether it’s Codenames or something else, board game night is going to happen again!]

Around 8:30 PM EST tonight, join Kris and Rachel from Double Jump, Jason from downstab.com, Mat from Biff Bam Pop, Jon @hotfiya, my wife Steff @copperkeycosplay, and yours truly for board game night! We’re playing the hit board game Codenames this evening!

We all love this game. Do you love it too? Are you curious as to how it’s played? Do you want to hang out with a group of cool people? Whatever the case may be, we would love for you to join us!

Also, make sure to never miss a stream by following my channel and turning your notifications on! You can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram for stream updates and other cool stuff posted daily!

Obstacles That Arise When Making Board Game Related Video Content

There was a time in early 2017 where I started a video show about board games. “Cleverly” titled Board Game Talk, it was an opportunity to try a new style of content creation while being able to share my thoughts on a medium I love. I’m glad to have given it a shot, and some of the videos would actually go on to perform pretty well by my standards.

By the end of season one though, I knew I wasn’t ready to go further. Though I do have a desire to someday come back to this concept, I’ll need to overcome these hurdles in order to make the content I want at a level I’m happy with.

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Board Game Night Playlist: I, Spy

Spies are a surprisingly common trope in board games. They usually aren’t of the James Bond variety, though they’re often used to represent someone who is hiding their true identity. All three of these games on tonight’s Board Game Night Playlist feature these undercover agents. Curiously, all three games are also designed to work as party games for large groups. Let’s blow the cover on these spy-themed board games!

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Codenames Added to the List of Awesome Board Games You Should Play

CodenamesCodenames is part Guess Who?, part Battleship, and way more awesome than those two games could ever hope to be. Working in teams, players will take turns deciphering their spymaster’s clues in order to correctly identify their fellow spies in the field. Guess wrong and you might identify an enemy spy, or worse yet, an assassin that will immediately end the game, causing your whole team to lose.

Playing as an operative, it’s a blast to try and guess the names based on clues that might be amazing or horrible from your spymaster. Being the spymaster takes the experience to another level, as it really takes some thought to craft one-word clues that apply to multiple names. Besides being a fantastic game in both roles, the game scales well to almost any player count beyond four, so it’s something that everyone at the party can (and will) enjoy. This one is fresh in my brain right now from having played a ton of it recently, but I really believe that this one is fantastic and one that will have staying power. Whatever you need to do to play Codenames, do it!

Check out the full list of Awesome Board Games You Should Play!

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Codenames Review

Working in the field right now are spies from rival sides, civilians and an assassin. Two opposing spymasters must help their field operatives spot their fellow agents with one-word clues before the other team can do the same. Meanwhile, an assassin is looming in the crowd, ready to prematurely end a mission if he’s outed. This is the challenge that awaits you in Codenames.

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