Watch Every Season 1 Episode of Board Game Talk Right Here

Season 1 of Board Game Talk is in the books! For those of you who took a few minutes to watch the show, thank you. Truly appreciate your time and support. If you haven’t had a chance to watch it, fear not. You can watch the whole season right here in the YouTube playlist above.

More episodes will be on the way. Not exactly sure when they’ll go live, but they will when I have enough material to post across consecutive weeks. It’s been quite the learning process and I hope you can see the improvement throughout the season. Things should only get better with time.

Let me know what you think of the show in the comments! Your feedback can help make this show even better in the future. Until season 2 drops at a later date, enjoy season one!

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Board Game Talk: 3 Awesome Board Games for Newcomers

If you’re just getting into board gaming or are looking for the perfect entry-level game for your friends to enjoy, here are a few recommendations!

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Board Games At Work, Part 2

Sushi GoEarly last year, I tried to start a weekly board game night at work with a few coworkers. There was a lot of interest from many coworkers, which led me to believe that this idea had a chance. Once work was over, the plan was to stick around and and play a few games in the lunch room. The first night was great, but it quickly dissolved due to lack of attendance. While I would have loved to have played more board games with my coworkers, it was clear that this wasn’t going to work out as envisioned.

Today, gaming is happening at the office again. This time, it’s different.

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Love Letter: Batman Edition Review

Without context, Love Letter: Batman Edition sounds like the worst game ever. Who would want to play a game where you write love letters to the Dark Knight? Luckily for us, this isn’t the premise. Instead of sending romantic notes to a princess, which was the goal of the game this is based on, this edition requires players to apprehend Gotham’s fiercest foes. Awkward name aside, should you and your friends aid Batman on this adventure?

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The Board Game Night Playlist: Intro to Board Games

Ticket to Ride 10th Anniversary Edition BoardWelcome to the Board Game Night Playlist! In what will hopefully grow into an ongoing series, I put together a playlist of games that you could use for your next board game night. Ideally, each playlist is created with the thought that all of the games on the list could be played within an evening of gaming. Also, I’d like for each playlist to contain some sort of thread that ties them together. For instance, I want to make playlists that are tuned for specific player counts, themes, gameplay mechanics or other logical through lines to make the most out of your next session.

This first playlist was inspired by a board game night we had with Mat and his now-fiancée Liza. Neither of them had played board games in years, with most of their experience coming from playing mainstream hits like Monopoly or Scrabble. What set of games could we pull together that were equal parts fun and accessible? Our picks out to be excellent choices, as we had a great night and inspired Mat and Liza to seek out more great board game experiences for themselves. This first playlist is the exact lineup of games we played that fateful night. If you’re hosting a board game night with newcomers, or are new to the medium yourself, try out this introductory playlist!

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Lost Legacy: The Starship Review

Seiji Kanai and AEG caught lightning in a bottle with their smash-hit game Love Letter. Using only 16 cards and a simple rule set, Love Letter provides a masterful gaming experience that is fun for virtually anyone. I first gushed about it in my review of the game last year and I still consider it to be one of my all-time favourites.

Trying to build on the success of Love Letter, Seiji Kanai and AEG are back with Lost Legacy: The Starship. Building on Love Letter‘s 16-card setup and ruleset while pairing it with an all-new theme, Lost Legacy aims to add another layer of depth to the gameplay. While this is certainly more complicated than its predecessor, it’s not necessarily better off.

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photo(12)For the most part, Steff and I’s foray into the tabletop scene has been through meatier experiences like Dominion and DC Comics Deck-Building Game. Through a recommendation from the fine folks at Snakes and Lattes, we picked up Love Letter, which is a card game that works as a quick fix or as something to play for hours on end. If you have any interest in the tabletop genre of gaming, this is something you should pick up immediately. Or, if you need a bit more assurance, head over to Splitkick for my full review!

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