Game-Breaking Glitch Discovered in Version 1.04 of Street Fighter X Tekken

In an attempt to fix infinite combos, Capcom has introduced a far worse problem. In version 1.04 of Street Fighter X Tekken, the game will crash if Rolento’s kunai makes contact with any fireball in the game. This impacts both the PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360 versions of the game.

As a Rolento player, I’m pretty much screwed. The odds of crashing the game due to this scenario are pretty high. Heck, if you play as a character with a fireball, the odds of this happening are high, as Rolento is one of the most popular characters in the game. Going into Toryuken this weekend, I have no idea if I’ll even compete in Street Fighter X Tekken anymore if the odds of this game-breaking glitch happening are high. Also, it’s not fair that as a Rolento player, I would nerf myself to prevent the glitch from happening.

This game is taking a PR beating. At first, there was gems. Then on-disc DLC. Then infinite combos. Then sluggish sales. Then the introduction of overpowered gems. Then Capcom being forced to announce that there are drastic changes coming to the game because of all of the negative feedback. Now this. If Capcom wants to save this game from oblivion, they better get cracking on those updates.

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