Fighting Game Knowledge And Paying It Forward

One of the people I admire the most in the fighting game community is Ryan Gutierrez. Best known as Gootecks, he’s recognized as being a top Street Fighter III: Third Strike player, as well as a top Street Fighter IV player in the game’s early days. While he could have continued to pursue that path, he made a conscious decision to be a content creator with an eye on tutorials and advice for newcomers. Part of that decision probably was because he saw it as a more stable means of making an income from being a part of the FGC. However, he also recognized the importance of growing the community, which he’s most vocal about in the early days of his podcast. Without bringing new players into the scene, the FGC would have continued down the path of being a tiny niche market that was stuck playing the same old games for a decade. Without guys like Gootecks paying it foward, I may have missed out on some of the best and most rewarding times I’ve ever had playing video games.

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Canada Cup 2011 Fighting Game Tournament Starts Today!

Starting today, the Canada Cup 2011 fighting game tournament takes place in Calgary, Alberta. For you Calgary-based In Third Person readers who will be attending this event, or out-of-towners traveling in for this, I hope you have a blast. For us stream monsters, you can watch the stream for free here, or for $8.99, watch the stream ad-free in HD.

What makes this particular major fighting game tournament stand out from the rest is the inclusion of an international 5-on-5 team tournament, featuring 8 teams filled with top players from around the world. Credit where credit is due, it was my girlfriend Steff who first told me about the 5-on-5. With that tidbit of info, I would shortly forget it, find out about it again in the news, then tell Steff about the 5-on-5 as if she didn’t already tell me this. Whoops. In spite of my blunder, Steff is genuinely interested in watching the 5-on-5 tournament with me, which is super cool.

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The Canada Cup Begins Today

These last few weeks have been awesome for followers and players in the pro fighting game scene. We had Season’s Beatings a few weeks ago, SoCal Regionals and South Florida Challenge just last week and NorCal Regionals coming up next week. All of these events have (and will) feature the best fighting game talent from around the world, which has led to some amazing matches (and antics) for us to see.

Happening any minute now is the Canada Cup, which as far as I know, is the first major Canadian fighting game tournament. This one should be as big and entertaining as everything else the fighting game community has been spoiled with of late.

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