Wits & Wagers Family Edition Review

Wits & Wagers Family Edition is a “family friendly” spin-off of the hit trivia game. While I wouldn’t necessarily classify classic Wits & Wagers as being unfriendly to families, there are some changes to the core formula that further widen the game’s appeal. Is this revision worthy of your family’s next game night?

The objective here is to be the first to score 15 points. Each player will get a dry-erase board, marker and two Meeples, which will act as your wagers. At the start of each round, a question will be read that requires a number-based answer. From there, players will write their answers on their boards and present them to the group. Answers are then arranged in ascending order.

Before the answer is revealed, players have a chance to wager on what they think is the correct answer. Using your large and small Meeples, you’ll place them on whatever you might think is the correct answer, even if it’s not yours. Once the bets are in, the answer is revealed and the points are tallied up. The person who got the correct answer, as well as any players who bet their small Meeple will get one point each. Any person who bet the large Meeple will get two points.

There are a few aspects of the game’s design that make it work for a wide audience. For one, these questions are written in a way that even the biggest know-it-all isn’t going to have the answers on file. Almost everyone is playing on a relatively even field here. More important are the wager tokens. Even if your answer is wrong, you can still get the majority of your points from correctly picking other answers from the lot.

Having played this with my family and my wife’s family, this game was a big hit. It was easily grasped by everyone and we all had a great time with it. By grouping into teams, the game can scale to parties of any size. I feel like the pool of questions might be a bit small at 250, but we’ve played many times and haven’t exhausted the stash. While I’m not sure that this is necessarily better than classic Wits & Wagers, the family edition certainly works as advertised.

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