LOST TAPES: NES Classic Mix Featuring Castlevania I and II, Double Dragon II, and Ninja Gaiden! Tune in at 7pm EST!

Though I’m somewhere across the pond, the show must go on!

Before I started streaming, I made let’s play videos. Here’s a mix of me floundering through some of the tougher NES games out there! Tune in at 7pm EST for this compilation of deep cuts!

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Game Nerd vs. Movie Watcher: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

A few nights ago, my girlfriend and I watched Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Walking out of that theatre and thinking about how much I enjoyed that movie put me in a weird mental space. On one side, the gamer in me was really happy to see video games represented with a level of love and respect that movies have failed to deliver on. On the other side, the movie watcher in me wasn’t so sure I enjoyed it for the all the right reasons.

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