I Love You 3,000 – This is In Third Person’s 3,000th Post

In the midst of creating content to celebrate In Third Person’s 10-year anniversary, I noticed that we were nearing another milestone. That milestone is now.

This is post #3,000.

Not really sure what to say here, as I kind of spent all of 2019 celebrating the site’s longevity. However, it feels like a missed opportunity if I don’t acknowledge it in some way.

(pauses for 20 minutes to think of an angle)

How about this?

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Tony Hawk: Shred is Out and No One Cares


I thought things couldn’t get any tougher for the Tony Hawk series. After Tony Hawk: Ride bombed at retail, Activision decided that making the sequel a more kid-friendly experience would help the game move units.

Instead, Tony Hawk: Shred has put up some of the worst video game launch numbers I’ve ever seen made public.

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