I Love You 3,000 – This is In Third Person’s 3,000th Post

In the midst of creating content to celebrate In Third Person’s 10-year anniversary, I noticed that we were nearing another milestone. That milestone is now.

This is post #3,000.

Not really sure what to say here, as I kind of spent all of 2019 celebrating the site’s longevity. However, it feels like a missed opportunity if I don’t acknowledge it in some way.

(pauses for 20 minutes to think of an angle)

How about this?

Remember that time when I met the star of Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out?

It took about 11 years to get to post #3,000. 11 years is about 4,000 days. 3,000 posts in 4,000 days works out to about one post every 1.5 days. The amount of time, effort, and motivation it took to produce that much content with that pace is worth celebrating. Good job, Jett.

For those who have ever given my content a chance: thank you. Whether this work has added value to your life or you were repulsed after one post, I appreciate your time and consideration. Always enjoy interacting with you through the comments and/or hanging out with you on stream. Have also made some amazing friends through here along the way.

For my fellow creators, here’s a few tidbits of knowledge I picked up over time. Feel free to use/ignore these at your discretion:

  • Make stuff that’s creatively fulfilling to you. It’s much easier to create for the long haul when your motivations are driven by more than just money and fame. For me, I do this because I love the process of formalizing my ideas into something tangible, whether that’s a blog post, pre-produced video, live stream, podcast, photography, music, or even spray paint art.
  • Growth comes with lots of practice over an extended period of time. You will make crap when you first start out and that’s okay. Later on, you’ll make great stuff and still have the ambition to aim even higher. Focus on making incremental gains from one piece to the next and the growth will be obvious when you compare your current stuff from what you made years ago.
  • On days where you have time to write but are short on ideas or motivation, leave it alone. Come back to it another time when you’re ready to rock.
  • It’s okay to take extended breaks or quit outright for whatever reason. Pursue what makes you happiest.
  • Explore every creative avenue that inspires you. Started a video game blog but want to try writing about board games? Go for it! Want to try your hand at live streaming? Have at it! As long as this is a hobby for you and not your full-time gig, you can make whatever you want at any time.

Do I still have gas in the tank for another 3,000 posts? We’ll see. In Third Person started as a blog, but I don’t necessarily see it as a platform tied to the medium of writing. We’ve been making inroads into the world of video and live streaming and that’s where the bulk of my brain power will go for the foreseeable future. Even so, I’m still here, posting more frequently than ever thanks to my passion for writing. Who knows where this life will take me, but I’m excited to enjoy every step along the way.

Happy 3,000th post In Third Person. In terms of fulfillment and success, you’re the best of my creative endeavors. Whether we stop tomorrow or stop when I’m no longer on this earth, I’m proud of everything this has become. I love you 3,000.

No, I’m not marrying the blog. Already taken. But you know, 3,000 posts. Avengers: End Game. The song. I’m probably over-explaining this and should just stop. See you later for post 3,001!

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