Tony Hawk: Shred is Out and No One Cares


I thought things couldn’t get any tougher for the Tony Hawk series. After Tony Hawk: Ride bombed at retail, Activision decided that making the sequel a more kid-friendly experience would help the game move units.

Instead, Tony Hawk: Shred has put up some of the worst video game launch numbers I’ve ever seen made public.

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Tony Hawk: Ride Hits Rock Bottom

Less than a year after Tony Hawk: Ride launched in this region for $120, the value of the game has hit what will likely be its rock bottom. At HMV, new copies of Tony Hawk: Ride with the board are now only $20, which is a crazy 85% drop in price. I haven’t seen a price drop this drastic since I bought Rock Revolution for $3, which was 95% off the original price. Meanwhile, every other retailer I’ve seen that isn’t blowing this game out still has a stack of them collecting dust. Why must retailers go to such drastic measures to get this game off shelves?
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