Take Advantage of the Paladins Crystal Sale Before August 30th!

For the past few weeks, I’ve been slumming it out as a free-to-play player in Paladins. That said, I did have plans of eventually buying the Champions Pack to unlock all heroes now and forever in one shot. I know I’m late to the party, but crystals are currently on sale! It’s your chance to buy that Champions Pack, Season Pass, or whatever DLC you had in mind at a discounted price.

With the deal and my Nintendo eShop coins, I was able to get 2,500 crystals for $30 CAD, which would have normally costed me about $45. I’m not too concerned about cosmetics, but getting the Champions Pack gives me access to what I want most: all of the characters! With almost 40 characters in the game, that works out to under $1 each, which is a great value while showing the developer my support for this solid game!

(NOTE: I’m not trying to be shady by advertising Overwatch here. Buying Paladins crystals through Amazon won’t give you the sale price though, so I won’t link that here. Instead, if you happen to also want Overwatch, go for it!)

Buy Overwatch: Origins Edition Now On Amazon.com

Public Service Announcement: Street Fighter IV Volt On Sale For a Limited Time

Capcom’s latest update to the iPhone Street Fighter IV series is Street Fighter IV: Volt, which is available now. If you are reading this before July 1st and have even the slightest interest in the game, buy it now. It’s on sale today for only $0.99. As for the rest of this limited time offer?

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Canadians Looking For Mad Catz Fightsticks

The Mad Catz fightstick situation in Canada is horrible nowadays. Unlike in the United States, where many different local and online retailers carry the whole line, Mad Catz products are technically only available at EBGames/Gamestop here. When they were available, each store would have maybe one TE and one SE. However, Gamestop has not replenished their supply in months, and I don’t think intend on doing so anytime soon.

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Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game is the XBOX LIve Deal of the Week


Last time I wrote about this game, I was debating to myself whether or not I wanted to drop $10 on it. Based on what I had played from the demo, I enjoyed what was there, but I wasn’t sure if there was enough to justify my $10. Yes, I understand that in the grand scheme of gaming (console gaming in particular), $10 isn’t that much. However, I want a certain level of value out of my games and $10 for that particular package didn’t add up to me.

None of that matters now, at least for this week.

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Tony Hawk: Ride Hits Rock Bottom

Less than a year after Tony Hawk: Ride launched in this region for $120, the value of the game has hit what will likely be its rock bottom. At HMV, new copies of Tony Hawk: Ride with the board are now only $20, which is a crazy 85% drop in price. I haven’t seen a price drop this drastic since I bought Rock Revolution for $3, which was 95% off the original price. Meanwhile, every other retailer I’ve seen that isn’t blowing this game out still has a stack of them collecting dust. Why must retailers go to such drastic measures to get this game off shelves?
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Pick Up Post: Tekken 6 Limited Edition

Up until the rumored announcement of a Namco and Capcom, I didn’t think I would ever own Tekken anything. From my few times playing Tekken games, the gameplay just didn’t appeal to me.

With that said, I now have the limited edition Tekken 6 bundle with fight stick in my house. Huh?
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