Unboxing the Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon & The Blade of Light Anniversary Edition

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Fire Emblem franchise, Nintendo released the first title in the series on the eShop: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light. This is a direct port of the NES game with English translations and marks the first* time it’s made it outside of Japan.

*Yes, I know that Shadow Dragon got a remake on DS, but this is the first time that the original NES version makes its international debut

This gamee is readily available on the eShop until March 31st, 2021 when the evil Nintendo overlords take the game offline. Or, you could spring for the limited physical edition, which will likely sell out long before their March 31st expiration date. Though my first order failed through Amazon, I did eventually get one through another retailer. Let’s crack this open!

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To Buy or Not to Buy: Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Set

I have a hard time abstaining from purchasing items with the Street Fighter name on them. I’ve bought figurines, t-shirts, posters, fightsticks, and over 20 Street Fighter games – including Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight. I’ve always joked with my girlfriend that if Capcom released Street Fighter branded rocks, I’d probably buy those too. As a life-long fanboy of the franchise, the purchase of Street Fighter merchandise rarely gives me pause.

But then I saw the gargantuan Street Fighter 25th Anniversary set.

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Pick-Up Post: Catherine Pre-Order Edition

One of the reasons I pre-ordered Catherine once I decided to buy it (besides the ability to avoid the embarrassment of purchasing it in person) was to get the CD soundtrack and the art book for free with what Atlus positioned as the pre-order edition. However, due to Amazon failing to ship my order in a timely manner, I just went out to my local retailer and bought a copy. To my surprise, every launch copy of the game is the pre-order edition, which means if you buy a launch copy of the game, you’ll get the bonus art book and CD soundtrack regardless of whether you pre-ordered it.

As of writing, I haven’t played the game yet. However, I thought I’d at least post my impressions on the launch package in case you were interested in what the art book and soundtrack are like.

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Pick Up Post: Tekken 6 Limited Edition

Up until the rumored announcement of a Namco and Capcom, I didn’t think I would ever own Tekken anything. From my few times playing Tekken games, the gameplay just didn’t appeal to me.

With that said, I now have the limited edition Tekken 6 bundle with fight stick in my house. Huh?
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BlazBlue For Dummies

If you bought the regular edition of BlazBlue like me, you missed out on the sweet bonus tutorial DVD that shows you how to not suck at the game.

Well, we’re in luck. Thanks to Youtube user Jaxelrod, we have access to all of the character guides in that DVD. Above is the Noel tutorial.

Having watched a few of these, I still feel horribly lost and confused. Maybe if I keep at it I’ll eventually figure this game out.