Pick Up Post: Tekken 6 Limited Edition

Up until the rumored announcement of a Namco and Capcom, I didn’t think I would ever own Tekken anything. From my few times playing Tekken games, the gameplay just didn’t appeal to me.

With that said, I now have the limited edition Tekken 6 bundle with fight stick in my house. Huh?

When this bundle first hit in my country, it was a beefy $150. Now, certain retailers are selling it for as low as $60, which is less than half of the original asking price. Most fight sticks by themselves don’t go for that price. With this, I get what is supposedly a good enough Hori fight stick and I get a copy of Tekken 6. With Street Fighter x Tekken having just been announced, this might be the perfect time to give Tekken a legitimate shot.

In any case, my brother and I can now play fighting games on ‘equal’ footing, since we’ll both have fight sticks to work with, which I think justifies the price tag. I’ll have impressions on both Tekken 6 and the fight stick hopefully in the near future.

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