Take Advantage of the Paladins Crystal Sale Before August 30th!

For the past few weeks, I’ve been slumming it out as a free-to-play player in Paladins. That said, I did have plans of eventually buying the Champions Pack to unlock all heroes now and forever in one shot. I know I’m late to the party, but crystals are currently on sale! It’s your chance to buy that Champions Pack, Season Pass, or whatever DLC you had in mind at a discounted price.

With the deal and my Nintendo eShop coins, I was able to get 2,500 crystals for $30 CAD, which would have normally costed me about $45. I’m not too concerned about cosmetics, but getting the Champions Pack gives me access to what I want most: all of the characters! With almost 40 characters in the game, that works out to under $1 each, which is a great value while showing the developer my support for this solid game!

(NOTE: I’m not trying to be shady by advertising Overwatch here. Buying Paladins crystals through Amazon won’t give you the sale price though, so I won’t link that here. Instead, if you happen to also want Overwatch, go for it!)

Buy Overwatch: Origins Edition Now On Amazon.com

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