Tony Hawk: Ride Hits Rock Bottom

Less than a year after Tony Hawk: Ride launched in this region for $120, the value of the game has hit what will likely be its rock bottom. At HMV, new copies of Tony Hawk: Ride with the board are now only $20, which is a crazy 85% drop in price. I haven’t seen a price drop this drastic since I bought Rock Revolution for $3, which was 95% off the original price. Meanwhile, every other retailer I’ve seen that isn’t blowing this game out still has a stack of them collecting dust. Why must retailers go to such drastic measures to get this game off shelves?

Back in 2009, Activision was prepping Tony Hawk: Ride as an alternative to EA’s Skate series, which crushed the Tony Hawk series in reviews and sales after only one game. There were high hopes within Activision that a new skateboard peripheral would help separate itself from the competition and reignite the franchise.

Instead, the Tony Hawk name was further dragged into the mud. Not only did Activision not win over any gamers who felt that yearly releases had killed the quality of the franchise, but now they had a legitimately bad game on their hands in Ride. Reviewers slammed the game for its poor skateboard controls and scaled-back feature set. While it ended up selling about a million copies across all platforms, it still fell well short of Skate 2, which came out in the same year. It also didn’t help that retailers were left with a ton of extra stock that they’re likely to take a huge loss on in order to get rid of it.

As a former fan of the Tony Hawk games, it’s kind of sad to see how low the series has gone in terms of game quality and success. Will I do anything about it? At this point, no. Even at $20, I don’t want to deal with more plastic peripherals in my house, especially ones that only work with games as rough as Tony Hawk: Ride.

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