Canadians Looking For Mad Catz Fightsticks

The Mad Catz fightstick situation in Canada is horrible nowadays. Unlike in the United States, where many different local and online retailers carry the whole line, Mad Catz products are technically only available at EBGames/Gamestop here. When they were available, each store would have maybe one TE and one SE. However, Gamestop has not replenished their supply in months, and I don’t think intend on doing so anytime soon.

If you were lucky, a few mom and pop shops had some available, but that stash has run out and a few retailers I’ve asked said they couldn’t order in one for me if they tried. had TE and SE sticks, but those have since sold out with likely no chance for resupply as well.

For my corworkers and I looking to obtain TE fightsticks, this was horrible. We felt a feeling of profound sadness when we saw the Mad Catz Buy One Get One Free deal and noticed that they don’t ship to Canada. We were coming up with crazy PO box schemes to try and get our hands on them, but it seemed like it would have been easier to import drugs rather than to buy these fightsticks. I thought that we’d never get a chance of buying these.

Maybe it’s serendipity, but a lot of things have turned in our favour. I know that at some point did not ship any video game stuff to Canada, but it turns out that Mad Catz TE fightsticks are no longer part of that rule. It also turns out that fightsticks are on sale this weekend. On top of that, the Canadian and American dollar are almost at parity, which means we don’t have to pay crazy extra to compensate for the exchange rate. One of my coworkers and I snapped up Round 2 fightsticks for PS3 the moment we found out about this. I also ordered an XBOX 360 TE for my brother, whose Hori Tekken 6 fightstick recently kicked the bucket.

I’m really excited to be getting a TE for PlayStation 3 at a reasonable price. My girlfriend looked at me funny when I chose a Mad Catz TE over a PS3 as a birthday present a few months back, but I love the heck out of the one she got me. It was easily one of the best birthday gifts ever. Having used a number of fightsticks now, nothing comes close to the experience I’ve had with my TE. Getting one for PS3 ensures that I will be able to beat down my coworkers with no excuses (or lose with less excuses) and that I’ll be able to enter any Street Fighter tournament without having to worry about sketchy converters or dual-modding. If you’re a Canadian looking to get a Mad Catz TE fightstick, is probably the way to go.

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2 thoughts on “Canadians Looking For Mad Catz Fightsticks

  1. anonymous December 13, 2010 / 6:53 PM

    Thank you so much. I’ve been looking for a fightstick forever. Didn’t know started shipping these to Canada.

    • Jett December 13, 2010 / 8:00 PM

      You’re welcome. It sucks that TE sticks are so hard to find here, but Amazon shipping them here has been a blessing. Is there any particular version of the TE you were interested in getting?

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