Third Hori Fightstick Breaks


As if it did not suck enough that my Hori PS3 Tekken 6 stick broke, my brother and I’s Hori XBOX 360 Tekken 6 stick began failing almost 24 hours later.

Unlike our PS3 fightstick, the XBOX 360 version hasn’t been used that much. Maybe 15 hours max. And unlike the PS3 fightstick, this one broke in a different manner. The ‘B’ button on the XBOX 360 fightstick now triggers a ‘turbo-style’ rapid input, even when you just tap the button once. For the time being, my brother can re-map his buttons to minimize the amount of times he has to hit it, but it still sucks.

I’ve now owned four Hori fightsticks, and three of them have broken. One broke after less than an hour of use. One wore out after two months of daily use. Now this. The only Hori fightstick that has not broken is my Nintendo Wii fightstick, which is intact because I hardly ever use it.

People can say whatever they want about the Hori brand name, but I’ve had enough bad experiences with their products to completely turn me off of the entire brand. I would rather chase after the more-awesome-and-extremely-hard-to-find-in-Canada Mad Catz TE than spend another dollar on a Hori product.

5 thoughts on “Third Hori Fightstick Breaks

  1. m February 10, 2016 / 6:03 AM

    Hi, thanks for the blog. I’m searching for a usb receiver for the Hori PS3 Tekken 6 stick, are you selling a spare one since the arcade stick got broken? Thanks.

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