Update: Hori Tekken 6 Limited Edition Fightstick

When I bought this stick almost two months ago, I figured that it would work out just fine as a casual stick to play Street Fighter with. I initially planned to use it only for when I play my coworkers on PSN, which I figured wouldn’t be much at the time.

Well, it ended up being a lot. As in, over 100 hours a lot. Has it withstood the crazy amount of stress I’ve put it through during these last two months?

The short answer is, “No.” Unfortunately for me, the joystick has started to lose it’s precision. I’m noticing that a lot of my inputs are disappearing, which is leading to whiffed special moves and neutral jumping when I mean to jump in a certain direction. At worst, sometimes the sensor will get stuck on my previous position, so that my character will move one way even though I’ve already moved the joystick another way. Even if I had the technical know-how to fix it, I’ve heard that modding this particular stick to change parts isn’t easy to do. In contrast, my MadCatz TE has been used longer and still feels like new. Granted, it’s way more expensive, but you get what you pay for.

Most people won’t use this stick as hardcore as I have. I still believe that this bundle at $70 will be worth it to moderate fighting game players for the stick alone. However, if you’re really serious about fighting games, this stick probably will not cut it for the long-term.

Where do I go from here? I don’t know. I don’t need to play Street Fighter on the PS3. I can just go back to playing the XBOX 360 version with my MadCatz TE. My coworkers have been really into Street Fighter during these last few months, but I don’t know if they’ll continue to play this game as long as I have. Maybe it’ll die down. But when I want to play with my coworkers, what do I do? Do I settle on using the DualShock, which I hate using for Street Fighter? Do I invest in a fightpad? Or do I go whole hog and buy another high-end fighstick?

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