Moving to PC as My Fighting Game Platform of Choice?

Playing fighting games on PC wasn’t really an avenue I put much thought into pursuing. Up until recently, I didn’t have PC hardware capable of running video games at all. Even if I did, the PC has played second fiddle to home consoles as the tournament standard ever since the fall of the arcades. Home consoles were easier to set up while providing players with a standardized battleground. Consoles don’t have issues with game performance varying from one PC to the next or having to worry about driver support for every possible controller option. As someone who took fighting games seriously and competed at IRL tournaments, I was going to take the tournament standard every time.

Things are…different now. I haven’t competed in an IRL tournament in a few years. Even if I wanted to, the entire fighting game tournament scene is in flux due to the ongoing pandemic. Also, I finally have a PC capable of running fighting games. If I were to ever give fighting games on PC a chance, it would be right now.

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Arc System Works: The New King of Fighters

For a long time, I perceived fighting games by Arc System Works as being too complex for me. Initially drawn to their work by how amazing the BlazBlue games looked, my mind melted when I struggled to grasp the game’s intricacies. Guilty Gear games up to Xrd might as well have been rocket science. Love watching the pros play these games, but I have no clue where to being learning how to play.

Their penchant for designing characters that function wildly different from one another while layering on tons of system-level mechanics for fighters that were inpenetrable to me. Even now, after a decade of serious fighting game experience, it would take me a ton of work to just feel competent at any of legacy Guilty Gear or BlazBlue games.

In recent times, Arc System Works have gone a long way towards finding a better balance while also pushing the limits of anime-style graphics. Between their tireless efforts to improve (and Capcom’s well-documented struggles), I think that Arc System Works is the king of fighting game publishers right now.

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Gaming Decor Patch Notes: August 2019 Edition

It’s about that time to switch it up!

Though it hasn’t been that long since I posted one of these, I’d actually had that configuration for a few weeks beforehand. This time, I’ll try and stay on top, posting these closer to when I rejigger the setup. At most, I’ll do these once a month for however long I’m interested in writing them. Here are a few new pieces I added!

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Dragon Ball FighterZ Switch Beta

Did you miss out on the Dragon Ball FighterZ beta on Switch? Fear not! I’ve got almost two hours of footage from a hi-res capture and a lengthy stream with my brother! So far, it looks really close to the PS4/Xbox One versions and it plays great!

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Piccolo is One Technique Short of Being a Great (or Maybe Broken) Character in Dragon Ball FighterZ

In the Dragon Ball universe, Piccolo has always been an impressive and resourceful warrior in his own right. No human fighter would stand a chance against him. However, he also exists in a universe where he’s outgunned by mythically strong fighters that could blow up a planet for the fun of it. Despite his best efforts to get stronger and smarter, he routinely comes up short against the best in the universe as he simply doesn’t have the raw power to keep up.

In the world of Dragon Ball FighterZ, where fighting game developers have to balance their rosters out as much as possible, Piccolo’s skills as a fighter come through with his tricky move set and devastating damage potential. However, one hole in his arsenal prevents him from being one of the best combatants in the game.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ and its Bottom Tier Character Problem

Achieving perfect balance in a fighting game is essentially an impossible task. As long as a fighting game features unique character designs, there’s always going to be instances of certain characters seemingly being better than others. Still, the closer we can get to the equilibrium, the better the game will be, as players want a game where every character is a viable option.

A few months into Dragon Ball FighterZ and we’re now getting a clear idea of who is good and who isn’t. At this point, about 1/3 of the cast basically isn’t in the game, whether you track usage among online players or in tournament play. If you want to get more cynical, there are borderline characters like Gotenks, Piccolo, and Captain Ginyu that may not be worth the effort, either. There’s still much work to be done in order to get these characters to the next level.

Now that we have a better understanding of how the game works, let’s analyze some of the bottom tier characters in terms of why they currently suck and how they could get better in the future.

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Tips for Managing Meter in Dragon Ball FighterZ

When it comes to meter, Dragon Ball FighterZ doles it out at a very generous clip. After the first few seconds of the match, it’s pretty easy to go through an entire match while still having stocks to spare. However, I’ve run into no shortage of players that liberally burn their meter during the match, only to find themselves bankrupt when the match is in the balance.

Managing your resources is crucial to your success on the battlefield. Let’s talk about two of the most common wastes of meter that occur in a match and what can be done instead to ensure that you have meter when you need it most!


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Broly and Bardock Are Now Available For Purchase in Dragon Ball FighterZ!

The first two new combatants are ready to enter the Cell Games in Dragon Ball FighterZ! The legendary Saiyan Broly and Goku’s father Bardock join the fray, as if the game doesn’t already have enough Saiyans in the game. Yes, I would like to see more characters in the game that aren’t like Goku, but these two are notable characters in the lore and some of the most anticipated inclusions. In particular, I’m very curious to see what Broly adds to the game as the title’s first true big body (sorry Android 16).

This is the first pair of characters that make up the set of 8 coming to the game as part of season 1. Still loving this game and I’m excited for it Bandai Namco to continue supporting it!

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Dragon Ball FighterZ Live Stream

We go online to try out a new team with…mixed results. We also talk about Far Cry 5, arcade Punch-Out coming to the Switch, and the two new characters coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ! Apologies for the low volume on my mic! Will fix that for the next one.

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My Current Dragon Ball FighterZ B Team

Things with my main team are going great, but that hasn’t stopped me from further exploring the cast. The game is a ton of fun and I’m greatly enjoying the process of learning everything it has to offer. Today, let’s cover my latest foray into Dragon Ball FighterZ: Android 21, Cell, and Goku Black!

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