Piccolo is One Technique Short of Being a Great (or Maybe Broken) Character in Dragon Ball FighterZ

In the Dragon Ball universe, Piccolo has always been an impressive and resourceful warrior in his own right. No human fighter would stand a chance against him. However, he also exists in a universe where he’s outgunned by mythically strong fighters that could blow up a planet for the fun of it. Despite his best efforts to get stronger and smarter, he routinely comes up short against the best in the universe as he simply doesn’t have the raw power to keep up.

In the world of Dragon Ball FighterZ, where fighting game developers have to balance their rosters out as much as possible, Piccolo’s skills as a fighter come through with his tricky move set and devastating damage potential. However, one hole in his arsenal prevents him from being one of the best combatants in the game.

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Version 1.0 of My Dragon Ball FighterZ Squad

A few weeks into Dragon Ball FighterZ, and I’m starting to come to grips with my team. Having played the full cast now at least a little bit, I’ve had a chance to get a feel for fighting like a Saiyan, as well as a sense for what I like and don’t like. There’s still much experimentation to be done, but so far I’ve got a team that I’m really happy with. Until further notice, my main squad is Android 16/Piccolo/Goku!

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